Capsuleer Day XX Event

This is probably a question I already know the answer to…but is anyone finding sites for this event?

A video I’ve watched posts rewards at a frequency of 1 site every 2-4 hours.

Me personally, I’ve gone up and down a few regions for the better part of 2 hours and found 1 site for my target faction that was taken, and 6 sites for the wrong faction that would offer me zero reward points. This demotivating experience leaves me less inclined to participate in this event, future events, and frankly, even the Jita gathering…

(Update: Just found a site after going about 30 jumps…and lost the contest, so a single site ending in a loss after 2 hours of searching gives me zero motivation to continue this)

Anyone else having similar issues?

Once again, I’m likening this to the scenario I faced during Crimson Harvest 2022…

I truly do wish there was a direct feedback form somewhere that we could use to offer our thoughts about these events…

Again, I reiterate the same feedback I offered during Crimson Harvest 2022:

How To Adjust Agency Events:

Negate faction choice or make all sites qualify for event points: The lack of frequency of sites is bad enough. Creating a system wherein the event points are earned only if sites for a particular faction are completed increased the amount of time required to actually earn all of the points for the event when you find yourself finding nothing but the wrong faction’s sites.

Increase site frequency - everywhere - heavily: This is not a time for scarcity. Players are human. We don’t have the time in our lives right now to spend hours at our computers finding nothing and gaining nothing when we could be doing something more productive, especially in EVE. If you want players to play the event, they need to be able to have access to the event sites.

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I’m over half done with the event across two chars at the moment. (one has over 600 points another has almost 800)

You need to go to less populated areas and play during less populated time zones. Plan on being contested, even playing when Americans are sleeping and Europeans are getting ready for work, I’m regularly having people come into my sites to snipe the boss.

So far I’ve won every contest except 1 and I only lost that one because I got dragged too far away and the boss warped in right on top of the site sniper. If you can manage over 1k dps overheated and apply it well, you should win most contests in my experience so far.


My advice is to search for sites in Pipeline / Deadend systems with low amount of activity, find a couple of those areas located near each other in the Starmap and set up a Round-Robin route where you keep going through those systems.

If by chance the route you set is active with competition, just go back to the Starmap and set another route. It’s actually a good idea to have a few of those routes set up before hand so you can quickly move to another one when needed. Make sure to note / document your routes and run them at different time zones to find the best results.

Granted you may have to do some traveling but I’ve done these events like that for quite a while now and it works pretty good.

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I’m at 2.8k points after 3 days

lol, that’s all fine and great but some of us actually have a life outside of Eve…


No. I hate this stupid sig spam with signatures that make my day-to-day activities much more time-consuming and frustrating.

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Okay, nice trick to farm the points easily with a very limited number of sites. Every Data site effectively yields 40 points, that’s good to know.

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Event Data Sites have 3 hacking cans total.

1st task is ‘Warp in to Event Data site’ for 5 points.
2nd task is ‘Hack 2 cans in Event Data site’ for 15 points.

Event tasks then repeat in that order.

After warp in collect 5 points, hack 2 cans and collect 15 points. Event task is back to ‘Warp in’ task but there’s 1 can left, can warp out and warp back into the site to complete the ‘Warp’ task for another 5 points, then hack the 3rd can which will complete half of the ‘Hack’ 2 cans task.

So after completing the first Event Hacking site you can have a max total of 25 points. On to the next Event Hacking site.

Warp in and hack 1 can completes the ‘Hack 2 cans’ task for 15 points, warp out and back again to get 5 points, hack last 2 cans and get 15 points.

Completing 2nd Event Hacking site can give max of 35 points. Added with the 25 points from the 1st can gives a total of 60 Agency points for completing 2 Event Hacking sites.

Now the Event Hacking task is back to ‘Warp in to Data site’ for 5 points.

Basically can repeat the process and gain up to 60 Agency points for every 2 Hacking sites completed. But that’s only if there’s no competition and you have the sites all to yourself.


I’ve gone 44 jumps in HS and have only seen:
Where are the combat sites? This is ridiculous!

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They are in areas where only few people farm them. In the 5 systems around me I have easily 20-30 SoCT sites. Just the Guri Sites are gone because I farmed them all. -_-

If I were you, I’d look for HighSec Islands.



Thats how it looks like in the last 3 systems I came across…


Check Starmap and look for pipeline / deadend systems with little activity, plot a round-robin route and if there’s no sites due to competition, go back into Starmap and look for other areas. Make notes on route and if needed, check it again at a different time zone. Lastly it’s best to set up a few different routes so you can quickly switch if needed.

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With the caveat that the larger and more busy the island, the more likely it is for there to be locals that run the sites.

And aside from islands, the backside of Amarr (Kador, Tash-Murkon, Khanid, Kor-Azor) is also rather sparsely populated and thus a good way to search for sites.

Aside from a tour of the Derelik HS islands and five lowsec sites, all my points (4,680 as of this post) have come from there.

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To me it looks like the event is over, have not seen a single site in lowsec nullsec or highsec on all of my trips after dt, i thought the event is going until 30. of may, did i misss anything?

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Sites are still spawning as usual. Just more people know how to farm them quickly. Also market prices have adapted to the drop rates of the most valuable items, thus the rewards are considerable lower in value than at the beginning.

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I’ve considered the feedback here and I appreciate the contributions.

Admittedly, I haven’t had as much time to play this event as I normally would. I’m very busy with other things…which has allowed me to reflect upon what these events do to me and perhaps other people.

It’s like playing in a tournament in any game: they make people a little ‘win-crazy.’

People are driven into a frenzy to try to collect all the prizes (even for ships they don’t fly for their own satisfaction and to say ‘they got them all’), and that time investment comes at the expense of other things to do, both online and offline (which can get dangerous). This of course isn’t the fault of the developers, per se - this comes back to personal discipline and what the individual defines as the winning condition. Mike Azariah taught us that during his “EVE, Goals, and Winning” presentation at EVE Vegas 2017.

I must say, though, despite my best efforts in what time I’ve been able to invest in this, I’ve come up with very little yield, and I’ve also noted that my choice of ship (i.e., Hurricane Navy Issue) is, while effective, a huge ammo-cruncher. Burning 1,000 rounds on a single combat site is going to get expensive, and by comparison, what I could yield flying incursions is a continual reminder that perhaps I could be more effective elsewhere pursuing more lucrative activities.

But this goes back to my personal goals: earning profit to sustain myself in the game, versus the event goal of “collecting the prizes.”

What is “fun” goes back to the individual pilot’s discretion.

Profit is fun for me. Earning the event items is fun for me. Unfortunately, with this event, I’m not having fun and perhaps it is time that I suspend my participation in this event, despite the nagging reminder that “I have failed to earn all the prizes.” But that’s my own ego talking.

In my opinion, however, from a player participation standpoint, given the complaints of myself and some other pilots I’ve discussed this situation with, if one wants to orchestrate an event celebrating the game and the capsuleer through events like this, then the event should have a wider door to actually participate in such activities on a more frequent basis. Case-in-point: The Yoiul Festival during winter and Christmas with much more frequent sites that aren’t split by target faction.

Long-Short: Simply put, we need more frequent sites, and we need only 1 target faction. Anything else creates, for me, the sense that scarcity applies to even Agency events. Players are human, not computers-not all of us have the physical capacity to spend hours upon hours system-hopping to come up with nothing.

Herein I stand by my position, and I’ll see you all on the incursion front.


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