Crimson Harvest 2022

Another bowel movement of an event.

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Been through about 50 systems and scanned 1 data site in a highsec system ( 5M isk in loot). None found in the FW systems but I did find an average of 3 FW data sites per system that my scanning ship can’t enter. So far this event seems to be a dud.


I’ve been hanging out in NPC Delve (with the advanced sites) looking for hacking sites. In 8 hours, I’ve managed to hack 18 total sites doing laps in Delve. Thinking maybe I was just getting unlucky, I decided to hang out in one of the systems (with these constellations crawling with explorers) and count how many spawned in 1 hour. The answer is zero. I’m now at 1h 15m, and it’s still zero.


I can’t remember if 2021 had the same problem.

But I sort of recall it did maybe.

Maybe they messed up the spawning algorithm.

Lots of data sites of both types spawning in my low sec home system last night. I was just puttering about doing other stuff and these sites kept spawning, so I grabbed a cheetah and made a billion. didn’t have to leave the system.

I see probes out in most systems. Perhaps the lack of sites is just due to competition?
the sites I found were all between 50-200 million each.

ive done over 200 systems since the start…so far 160 points . thats not competition thats bad spawn rates ! last years was the same at the start i think . ill wiat to see if the patch tomorrow turns up…though i wont hold my breath as the games now dead and beyond saving !


I’ve been roaming around with two characters looking for sites… I saw two in highsec, the one someone else came and stole the loot drop. One back in nullsec in my home system, but by the time i got there it was gone. I wanted to partake in thee PvE event but cant seem to. Its been a huge waste of time and i have no progress.

Intel: I’ve been searching in Null with two characters using the agency finder, cant find any combat sites.

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I was worried it was just me. I’ve seen virtually no combat sites. Is there a specific area of the game that CCP wants players to converge in that has the lion’s share of those?

its null sec loaded anyway…just made my first foray into null and its literally full of those types of site…so the null lads get the benefit again and the rest of us have to hunt for the scraps !


I’m having such a frustrating time myself, worse than usual, and I typically enjoy these events.

Not this time.

Once again, the mistake has been made regarding forcing players to choose a faction, then having points count only if the opposition’s site is processed, which means doubling the amount of time required to complete the event, especially if you constantly keep finding sites for your faction.

In my roam throughout my choice regions, in 2 days, I’ve processed 1 combat site, found another that was taken, and hacked 3 data sites for my current faction, not my target faction, which means I got no points. In the end, the drops were lackluster.

Yes, it’s high-sec. Yes, the event is designed to force players into null-sec to encourage PVP and competition, but for me, I won’t do that - I know my limits, but I am no fan of having my time wasted. I have more important things to do or bigger fish to fry rather than go jump after jump and find literally nothing.

Especially over an event that encourages PVP by having your loot drop rate spiked to 90%, wherein you need something big and powerful to actually survive the combat sites. So you turn yourself into a big fat target by design.

I hate to say it, but I don’t see me participating in the rest of this event or future events if the deck is stacked so severely against the event runner and the time required is so astronomical as to make me look at my clock every time my search turns fruitless and say “Wow, I really am wasting my time.”

How To Fix It:

  • Increase the frequency of sites - everywhere - heavily. This is not a time for scarcity. Players are human. We don’t have the time in our lives right now to spend hours at our computers finding nothing and gaining nothing when we could be doing something more productive, especially in EVE. If you want players to play the event, they need to be able to have access to the event sites.
  • Negate faction choice. The lack of frequency of sites is bad enough. Creating a system wherein the event points are earned only if sites for a particular faction are completed increased the amount of time required to actually earn all of the points for the event when you find yourself finding the wrong faction’s sites.

Are the data site rewards more rewarding in Low Sec or Null Sec?


After wasting 3 hours searching for combat sites between Jita and Amarr and not finding one, my advice is to drop this event and do something else.


I agree with everything you posted. Also the amount of Event points required is too big which takes way too long to complete and the rewards are not worth it…

I use to love doing these events but not anymore. Especially since the rewards are all soul bound now.


We’ve found no issue finding sites. I think the biggest issue people are having is looking “From Jita to Amarr.” Main trade routes are going to be heavily trafficked. My 2 suggestions would be to try low/null. Been finding plenty out there. If youre someone who refuses to leave high sec, at least try going away from main trade routes. If youve done both then i reckon you just are having bad luck.

CCP should rename the event to “Marauders Harvest”.

While a lot of ships can clear the sites, there is no way to win a dps race against one of these overpowered things. Bit of a shame that even a Nightmare with perfect skills can not compete. But well, it is what it is, so switching to a Marauder is the way to go.

Made 1.2 billion isk in 2 days. Problem is i lost 2 gilas hehe. Tetrimon commander sometimes comes earlier and joins the other rats, then you are dead. If he comes alone in the end, is easy to kill him

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Worst Event in EvE so far… after the raise in omega price… they also drop the rates… gg… keep it this way and tranquility server will became singularity server, player base wise. thank you EvE i really felt spook this Halloween.

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The combat sites were fine once they increased the spawn rate. Didn’t even look for any hacking sites, so I have no idea how those were.

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