Crimson vs Tetrimon data site spawn rates

Regarding the current Crimson Harvest event, what ratios would you say you’re getting when it comes to Crimson vs Tetrimon data sites? I’d say it’s 4-5 Tetrimon for every 1 Crimson. I’ve managed to get 350 points so far. Although 20 of those is from entering a combat site and getting kill credit on a single foe.

The first day they seemed even, but after downtime they seemed to heavily favor Tetrimon. I theorize that the majority of people chose Tetrimon to side with and CCP then twitched the spawn rates to favor Tetrimon sites going forward. Thus making it harder for the majority of people to accumulate points. Even the idea of splitting the point progression only seems to serve to make it more difficult to accumulate points as even in ideal circumstances you’re only able to gain points half as efficiently. But maybe this is all just anecdotal.

What is your experience? For those who chose Blood Raiders have you been able to max out all 900 points? Are Tetrimon folks struggling?

I have a different experience of fishing event data sites. I sided with Tetrimon and noticed that a lot of Crimson Harvest data sites are ignored, in some places in New Eden (usually rarely visited parts of NPC empires) 3-4 of them can accumulate.

I suppose it’s all about rewards, both in data sites and for progression in the event. Ships SKINS as rewards for Tetrimon are… not that great. Let’s even put it bluntly: the Ardishapur line slightly changes the colours of the ships and the logo on the side. With data sites you get Warclones Banks, which are also not awe-inspiring when it comes to earning money for selling them.

Crimson Harvest, on the other hand, gives you the chance to get (rarely) higher versions of Overseer Personal Effects which can earn you between 10-100 million ISK. And cool SKINs (Halloween themed). And apparel. Also Ship SKINS as rewards for progression in the event are more varied.

So it is possible that players, after finding out what rewards are provided for choosing a side in the event, decided that taking part in the Blood Raiders side is more profitable, which is why Tetrimon data sites are quickly cleared in populated parts of New Eden.

I currently have 760 points and mainly hunt Crimson Harvest data sites in the null sec space belonging to my alliance. There isn’t much competition, as null sec residents prefer to murder NPCs and make money that way rather than chase data sites that won’t give them more ISK than an hour of ratting anyway.

Additionally, these data sites are annoying to scan because they are tier 3s. The spam, though, the spam. I have hours of the day when there are 6+ in some systems. It’s unreal and annoying because it’s so much more chore-work to figure out really important sigs.

I sided with Tetrimon and was experiencing the same, seeing a bunch of Tetrimon sites and very few Crimson sites. After a couple of days I barely broke 300 points on the Agency. Course there was an overabundance of competition in the area which made it seem like everybody had picked the Tetrimon side.

I then studied the map stats looking for large high sec locations with low population count, found one, went there and set up a loop route consisting of 35 jumps. Within a few hours of traveling that route I found a bunch of Crimson sites and nearly doubled the amount of points I had that previously took days to make.

So I think your location has a lot of competition that chose the same side as you which is why you’re not finding a lot of Crimson sites to run. Best thing to do is change your location.

At this point even the Crimson sites have been disappointing. The faction rewards being auto-injected made them useless for my exploration toon. I planned to get the Sarum Maller SKIN for an Amarr alt, but that’s not possible. But at least there were other SKINS available. Mainly the Cold Irons. Not anymore.

Seems like CCP turned off even the SKIN drops. Every site, regardless of Crimson or Tetrimon, has nothing but overseer effects, warclones and basic data items. Most don’t even crack 4 mil. So now I’m wondering if it’s even worth bothering anymore as they’ve left me with nothing to even aspire for. Events should be happy. Not depressing. I really don’t know what’s going on inside the heads of CCP devs.

I guess that CCP has made them spawn equally as that is the simplest implementation.

Any difference in occurrence can easily be explained by people choosing one side over the other. So if you notice that in your region a lot of sites A are ignored and most people (including you) look for site B, it may be better to find another region.

I look for event data sites. I’m not going to spend time scanning down a site to 0.25 AU just to ignore it. I have all level 4 skills in exploration and and at 1 AU it’s orange and just says, “data site”. I jump down two settings for orange text and only then, when it’s green and fully scanned, do I even know exactly what it is. As far as I can tell everyone else looks for both too. Not much choice, at least not with all level 4 skills, a T1 exploration ship, standard core probes and some scan strength rigs. Why wouldn’t you? They both contain valuables.

From conversations in-game it seems people take whatever they stumble across. They’re not ignoring one side completely. The consensus is, it seems, that Tetrimon is sites are simply spawning more often than Crimson.

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I have noticed that for this event and the rogue drone event it seems the sites are more concentrated in some systems than others.

Got my 900 points from Crimson Harvest sites no problem on a cheetah. See you guys at the winter event.

Good for you. I got my 600pts. The Sarum Maller SKIN was all I wanted. Found a nice WH to middle of nowhere low sec that was pretty empty. And when it wasn’t, nobody was participating in the event. Crimson’s still weren’t falling off trees, but there was virtually zero competition. I actually found a system with 8 Tetrimon sites and 1 Crimson (and somehow the Crimson was the last one I scanned). I was about to lose my mind. Came out with 850mil in loot. SKIN drops, while definitely lower than Day 1, are still there. Got a nice Paladin Cold Iron SKIN among others.

Then immediately after getting 600 pts, hopping back thru the WH and making my way back to my home station to drop off loot I immediately find a system, in high sec, with 3 Crimson sites…
[Arrested Development theme music starts playing]

I’m still plugging away, currently at 640 points…

Which reminds me, I need to jump back in and make another 100 points before I can call it a night.

When scanning check out the WH’s. Whenever I find one to hi or low sec I take a peek. Might find a relatively empty region with no competition. Running thru Derelik wasn’t cutting it. First day or two was fine, but more and more people started showing up and the pickings got too slim.

Hope you reach your 900pt goal.

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