🎃 The Crimson Harvest | Lingering Questions

Pick a Side :jack_o_lantern:

“The Crimson Harvest puts capsuleers in the middle of the bloody conflict between the Blood Raider Covenant :man_vampire: and the Order of Tetrimon :japanese_ogre:.”

The question is, which side has better/cooleer rewards? I think I picked the wrong side last year but I can’t remember…

Any suggestions?

Pretty sure the rewards are the same

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This gate is locked! The Tetrimon Base Shortcut Keypass must be retrieved and stored in your cargo hold when you activate it for it to be unlocked. The question that remains is, who (or what) is the gatekeeper?

How do we get the Keypass?

Doing the Hacking sites. Or you buy them from other players via Contracts. If you don’t have one, you will have to fight your way through the other gate, that one that activates once you killed most/all of the NPCs.


Should you roleplay your choices, rather than crying for rewards?


Not everyone likes pretending to be something that they’re not…

Then why are you playing a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game?


No difference

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I picked blood raiders to kill. However, I have been entering and killing Tetrimon and Bloods indiscriminately and don’t notice a difference other than the skin awards granted for Bloods as the kills and hacks pile up. Killing Tetrimon seems to not increase the body count toward winning the skins.

However, I don’t like the skins, and I don’t fly any of those ships, and they are not an asset as they are auto-activated, so IDGAF.

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I can separate fiction from reality. I’m not pretending to be an alien race or a woman for that matter. I simply love space and spaceships :rocket:. It’s a game. A great game! :heart:

So, you play a game, set in a fictional setting because you can distinguish it from reality?


Alright you two. Water is wet. The sky is blue and birds fly. :stuck_out_tongue:

We play videogames for fun.


No. I play videogames to spread misery, and destruction.

It’s why I’m serving multiple consecutive lifetime sentences in a federal penitentiary for blowing up pixilated spaceships in a pvp oriented video-game.


I never knew my mother.

Do you want to be my mother?

I’d love to have one!

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And that is your version of fun.

I love wordplay.

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Serves you right. You’re lucky I wasn’t the judge, I would’ve given you 20 years in the electric chair.

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The agony booth was capable of stimulating the pain center of virtually any humanoid, a synaptic scan calibrating it for each species. To overcome the limitation of more traditional forms of punishment, in which the nervous system becomes overwhelmed, resulting in the brain becoming desensitized to the pain, the booth’s sensors continually shifted the stimulation from one nerve cluster to another, keeping the subject in a constant state of agony.

The marvels of technological innovation.


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There appear to be a lot more of the Blood Raider sites than the Tetrimon.

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I am pretty sure they spawn exactly 50/50 :). It’s just random how many of each you find because you never know who has run how many in the systems just before you arrived there.


I feel the opposite is happening. Make me think that’s its more region specific than just plan random. Its 5 days in and I just hit 110. Am I just unlucky? Edit: Let me be more specific, I am talking about the scanning sites.

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