EVE Ship Designer

I recommend we include a new starship designer, just like the one used by caldariprimeponyclub that includes all the new ships

Inspiration: EVE_NT Ship Editor (eve-nt.uk) by EVE-NT UK *(may need some updating if necessary - recommended)
*This way, players can use ships in EVE Online and make modifications to it so they won’t have to view the ships in-game all the time.


I am completely lost on the feature you want? Can you describe what you want to change fully?

A way to play with 3D models of the EVE ships out-of-game. A third party app.

Do you really need this though? I’m asking from CCPs point of view. When you wan to see a ship in a pretty picture you can google a nice screenshot, and if you really want your own, you can take your own screenshot. What is this for exact;y?

Main Reason why: Community expansion, freedom to modify the ships with their own art skills

P.S: Not trying to be offensive, but there are some things on the ship designer that needs some updating

These are suggestions/recommendations
For example: when the capital turrets are fitted, they are not in their desired spots

Triglavian entities are missing (Zirnitra, Xordazh World Ark, etc.)
EDENCOM ships missing
Avatar update
Not all turret spots/launcher spots aren’t in their fitting areas (seen in-game)

Better if they just released their models to the public so we can edit them then they dont have to spend time developing an app for it.


same here

I’m for the concept, but wonder about the execution.

perhaps alliances could be able to design their own ships. perhaps by earning some kind of point system over time based on player activity rather than isk win or lost, so this way a small active group could have just as much chance as a semi afk null bear alliance.

if we take all the ships which currently exisit in game and call those “Core/Base” ships

you would have to come up with a series of models which a person would be able to select from and then install power cores and CPU’s to get the ship’s base stats, if made compatible with the future ship upgrades. i could see this being based off of the science skills, the more skilled you are the better the ship is.

being allowed to cross some technologies over based on science skills.

I like the concept, i hope my thoughts here have been able to further the idea to something more practical

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In fact you can download EVE ship models…in a very special format (.gr2) which need console command tool to convert it into general format (.fbx or .obj), and textures are just another mess…

CCP seems didn’t want their hard effort open to fan artist, which is understandable, but discouraging…

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As of today, the triexporter, dds, and gr2 models are no longer usable.

We ALL know that if there ever were an ability to design our own ships in Eve someone would make a giant phallus within half a second of its release and then CCP would have to take the feature away.


which is why it would be good to allow a selection of pre-selected ship hulls you could then add different cosmetics too.


That is a good suggestion, they can make one completely out of whack…

EVE_NT Ship Editor has malfunctioned

https://eve-nt.uk/designer/ is completely down again

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