Should we be able to design are own ships

my idea is that we would be able to make our own ship designs with a new item (not sure what yet) that could be found when exploring now I know from the times I’ve tried to bring my idea to the table people call it unbalancing to the game. but I think the biggest ship a player could make would be a battels ship but even then that would only be for omega players. well, alpha players would be allowed to only make up to cruisers level ships. even more so it would cost more to make these ships without researching to lower it. making it much harder to do you could though sell the ships on the market. and stats could be added to the ship but it would increasee the cost and even then you would still need to be able to fly it with the skill books acting like a pirate ship unless you manage to make it just under one. A good example of how it could work is in roblox calleed astrocraft or a real game space engeners. If you play those games you have a preety good idea of how it would work.


A lot of peen ships with cat ears


Ship skins are being designed by fans in My EvE had you seen those. At least give some attention to those as the implentation would be suited to their current skin delivery plans.

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@Mindahouf_Davaham A few games let you design spaceships and fly them. I played a couple of them back in the day but I don’t remember the names of the games but it doesn’t matter for this forum.
I just wanted to tell you that it’s always a good idea to put player-designed ship construction in a spaceships game and also say that it doesn’t look like it has a chance in hell of happening in EVE, at least not with the current management/ownership.
Cool OP. Thanks.



Take a look at the T3 cruisers if you want to have more choices for the base stats of your ship before you modify it further with mods.

Yes, you are still limited in choices between combinations of 3x4 subsystems for each of those hulls, but these ships give you a lot more freedom to design a cruiser to do what you need than other ships in the game.

These ships do of course not allow unlimited design choices (which would inevitably be abused by players to make unbalanced strong ships) so it’s probably the closest we players will get to ‘design our own ship’ in EVE.


The first thing someone would do is make a mining hauler with a huge ore bay so they could AFK…


The designer, I mean the 3d tool to make the ship, doesn’t necessarily need to change any mechanics. There can be base designs, based on current ships ( with all their statistics unchanged ) and the design tool could change and add or substract the esthetics ( hull and skin ) without changing ship statistics.

A good excuse not to add anything in the game.
A ship designer doesn’t have to change ship statistics, only the form for a variety of looks minus changes in cargo capacity, turret bonus, speed…
So the designer would only change how a ship looks and not how it performs.

Similar to STO i think is what OP wants.

I’m not sure about “Design” your own ship as opposed to “Modify” or “Overhaul” your own ship.

Many changes would need to be made to the ship fitting system.

As it stands today. it is a simple plug and play, instantaneous system.
There could be an additional shipyard option.

You start with a standard hull, what’s on the outside is one class, ie turret mounts. What’s on the inside is another class. Outside there are limited modifiable points, Devs could design more types of equipment for exterior mounting. Inside the modifications are volume based. So in addition to Power and CPU maximums, there are Volume considerations.

Power ratings are cumulative based on the main hull design you have X number of high power slots, X number of Medium slots and X number of low slots. These could be ‘rewired’ one high converts to 2 medium, 2 medium converts to 1 high, etc. (this is where dev design comes in needing medium power turret items and high power ‘interior’ items.)

Interior volume needs to be managed. This could include a larger capacitor ( taking extra volume away from your volume budget). Your modified fitting points might show 4 med (2x volume) and 4 low (1x volume), but increasing your capacitor takes the volume of 1 medium, or 2 low slots leaving you with 3 med and 4 low,or 4 medium and 2 low.
Some of the fitting system would remain the same, but these structural changes require the ‘shipyard’ function. That would a manufacturing item, to modify a hull takes time, and costs ISK based on the extent of the modifications.
Some of the current plug and play fitting options would move to shipyard function. Things as nonofiber or reinforced bulkheads (or afterburners?)

True, I am an industrialist and mainly want more sources of income.

CCP could introduce a new isk sink by a minimal charge for fitting changes.

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I’d be happy if hulls were branded in such a way that I could see where my ships are being destroyed (i.e. track on zkill) Yes that would make some industrialist structures targets, but hey it’s EVE.

I’d like me one of these, tbh, ccplease ?

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Then ofcourse we could use the Polaris Moon Buggy!

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Excellent for PI stuff !!

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I also advocate for more ships shaped like *****.

Jita gate gameplay in potato mode

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A long, long time ago, Eve Online would randomly do a ‘Transformer’ when you switched ships. It would mix your previous ship with your new ship…

‘Cloaky Logi Transport’
(Prowler + Scythe)

‘Industrial Battle Transport’
(Hoarder + Hurricane)


Non-combat T3 subsystems, ie mining hauling etc, could be fun.

Slot “adapters” - exchange 2 lows for a mid, 2 mids for a high, 2 highs for a low.

That’d be proper sand for the sandbox.

Also check out Nimbatus/Cosmoteer like games.

Hell No!!!

Can you imagine the crap looking ships people would ‘design’…