Idea new custom ships

I have a new idea where we can build your own ships. like add rectores and cp and slots make the body and more maybe this could be on a website but it would work pretty well in-game. were one corp could make their own special miner for low sec mining or a different one might use it to pirate some ships. they could have their design load on a blank piece of bullprint.


thank you for that

if any one wants to know more just ask

With the size of the ship tree, I’m sure there is a ship and fit combo for every task. Not to mention T3Cs, which already have a fully modular design.

well this could make the industry boom again from this due to all the new ships getting sold and purchased plus if your talking about tech 3 ships through are very expensive and this could almost be free other then the cost to make the ship

there is already a spaceship designing game though, its called kerbal space program and I also play it.

can you add lazer cannon to your space ship though

I would say the market needs a new big ship added.
Something to spur demand for minerals. Moon goo prices are dropping, t2 dreads for example would b good

coercer navy issue

all navy issue for destroyers
exploration destroyers
more destroyers
i love destroyers

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Navy issue Orca’s that hold more cargo.

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