Different idea for upgrading ships?

I was thinking it could be cool if you could take a tech 1 any ship and if you had the LP or something for a NPC corp, like Roden Shipyards for example you could get an tech 2 version playing to that’s Yards Specialty. not all ship/yard mixes would be good, but it could make tons of different ship builds.

I know this would break eve, its just an idea to talk about

Replace T2 with Navy and you can do that now. The LP store for the Caldari Business Tribunal where I am currently docked will give me a Caracal Navy Issue in exchange for a T1 Caracal plus a Nexus chip and 240K LP.

T2 hulls are player built but the bill of material includes a T1 hull.

Already done, just like Do Little said, through Manufacturing and LP stores. Navy versions on LP and T2 from Manufacturing, because we got to Research the T2 blueprint and NPC Corps won’t do your job for ya.

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