LP revamping?

Just one proposal for our developers: lp points for some of npc manufacturing corps, i’m thinking, for example to kaalakiota or ishukone for caldari state, give access to t2 vessels aswell, so marauders or blackops.
Has this already been brainstormed/considered?

Uh NO. That bypasses the research grind.

The moment you put direct access to a T2 vessel behind something as simple as an LP grind that isn’t as hard time gated as requiring research items from a research agent, the actual BPC runs plus research items to have the chances to make T2 BPCs, and then the various materials required for construction… will send the vessel price into a free-fall until it stabilizes at the “new” price point that cut out half the work. Not to mention that the ruleset behind the industry side of the game requires you to have certain special skills to even be allowed to punch the build button on those T2 ships.

What you are asking for is the invalidation of several income streams and a massive amount of skill training.

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You sholud be right, but i’m thinking to an enourmous amount of LPs and a pounderous surplus of addictional items to actually obtain the ship or the BPC, my proposal just want the game to adhere to a “real” lore rpg game: if you work for a corp which actually builds those ships, you should have the right to hope getting one, one day

Lore-wise (and I believe the exact Chronicle covering this is “The Shrinking Skin”), a blueprint is merely a set of instructions for the advanced auto-assembly machinery in a station to construct an item. A datacore contains an encrypted set of accumulated research by a company (and apparently has has hardcore DRM) which is applied to alter the instructions sent to the manufacturing robots.

So, since the T2-producing corporations also sell their encrypted instructions for alteration of template blueprints, your lore argument is already addressed.

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