When will the Propoise get it's own model?

Or shall I say, it deserve a NEW model!
Don’t forget those peaceful ship.
And Please,T2 Propoise!T2 Orca!

The Porpoise has it’s own model?

Yes, it shares the model with the Noctis, but pretty much every hull/model type in EVE is used by multiple similar ships. Barges look like Exhumers, T1 ships look like T2 versions, and one ORE ship bonused for tractor beams looks like another ORE ship bonused for tractor beams.

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You know what I mean,it came out with an old model,nearly as old as this game(a little change I remember?).Years passed,it proved its value.But still need some improvements,like more highpower slot. So T2 is needed,and a new model well be much great.

So does it need a new model, a T2 version, an update to the slot layout or updates to the existing model?

Personally I think it doesn’t need a new model, an update to the high slots would be nice (considering it now needs to use an industrial core and possibly compressor too, both high slots), a T2 version isn’t necessary and I guess we’ll see updates to the existing model in due time as CCP is graphically updating many ships lately, starting with a batch of frigates soon.

I mean look at current trends of what CCP is doing in terms of hull models.

T2 capitals are just reskinned t1 capitals.

Navy ships are literally just a different paint color.

I don’t care about the stats I just like a unique ship. Perhaps we will see some new hulls I mean UNIQUE hulls after t2 capitals are out. For me it feels like I am paying extra ISK for a fancy skin. :man_shrugging:

It would be nice, but that’s gotta be a budget constraint. New models from concept to completed asset are expensive to make. Reskins and minor adjustments are quick and cheap. I’m sure they’d like to have unique models and up-to-date designs for every ship, but they probably just can’t afford to.

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It makes sense though.

In real life you also see vehicles that appear very much like previous versions, but with small additions that improve them.

The same applies in the EVE universe, where the navy takes a base ship, adds some combat improvements, adds a paint job and sells them for people as ‘Navy ship’.

T2 ships go a little further than that, but even there in the lore one of the ship building groups (For example Developer: Kaalakiota who made the Onyx took a base T1 cruiser (the Moa and reworked the ship to give it different stats. As result, the Onyx looks very much like the Moa as it is based on that hull, but is not entirely the same:



So from a lore perspective it makes sense that some ships that are similar in stats and size, look very similar to another.

From a gameplay perspective it also makes sense that ships that are similar in stats and size are similar to each other. If a newbie is flying their Osprey in a fleet together with Basilisks in a cap chain, it only makes sense that the ships look very similar. After all, Ospreys and Basilisks play pretty much the same apart from some stats.

Next, from a developer perspective it makes even more sense that they don’t want to create a new unique model each time they come up with a new name for a ship. New models take time to create, and new unique models even more so when there are already over a hundred ship models in the game. Before you know it, the ask for ‘uniqueness’ results in such generic changes that people don’t even recognise the ship hulls any more, like I don’t recognise any of the recent thousands of ‘Pokemon’ that have been churned out, all ‘unique’.

Anyway, I think it’s nice that T2 and faction hulls of the same ship share the same base model.

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Yah I do understand that from a RP perspective. (aka putting more internal tech in it)

Completely agree.

I know we will get a new line of ships eventually like Edencom and the Trigs. May not be this year or next but eventually :laughing:

New internal technology is going to only get so far w/o hull changes. :wink: That’s all I got to say.
Uniqueness can be done within restraint. These nation engineers surely must have new ideas one of these days! We all have our own aesthetic desires and you do make solid points :slight_smile:

I can ask, but I expect given how much work the art team is doing right now, they’ll get to this some time in 2054.


Howmany of us still alive at that time :sweat_smile: ,maybe,after the 20th anniversary,they realized that there still a lot of work could be done.And this game is not all about fighting and destruction,many of us always happy to drive some friendly ships.


When will the Vigilant or Vindicator get their own model?

and same for the pirate capitol ships?

The daredevil is fantastic with it’s unique model, then we get a re-named thorax and megathron for the rest of the line up…

very sad.

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