Capital T2 Modules

I remember that a while ago it was said that Capital T2 Modules would require at some point the Capital versions of the T2 components (e.g. the Capital Quantum Microprocessor instead of the normal Quantum Microporcessor), and that builders should get the BPOs - which are currently only used for Jump Freighters- and research them.

What happened to this plan? Is it still on the list?

Lol it’s like you don’t know how ccp works.

Look if it’s a good idea but it’s not new or flashy don’t expect anything sooner than 5 years. and that’s if you’re lucky


Yeah, you’re probably right. I just somehow had in the back of my mind that this would come during the winter expansion. Shouldn’t be very much work to change a few blueprints.

Reminds me somewhat of Incarna. Someone™ had a really good idea and would let us get dolled up and walk in stations. We had some other things on the todo list.

Well we got Incarna and a cool sound track and 6 months later an apology. The mysteries of EvE.

i still want to have my run down bar in the far end of null in a worthless system :confused:


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