Asset /Blueprint lockdown?

When Citadels were announced, we were told that they would be capable of all the features that outposts / stations have.
From a corporate leadership point of view, we still have not received one of the more important ones
The ability to lock down items such as BPO’s, so they can be used, without being stolen.

Several times i have noticed the propose vote button back on the Blueprint options, but it never works.

Could we get an update as to when we are likely to see this re-implemented on the corporate scale

Many thanks

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Same here, I can only lockdown in a single station. All others do not even get me the needed menu option (other stations/citadels).

can we get a dev answer as to if we will ever see this?

@CCP_Fozzie any chance on this?


No changes (form a player side) on this issue. Even as ceo (and director) i’, able to lockdown items in a corp rented hangar outside our home.

tbh I always felt this feature to be very anti eve. BPOs should be handled with trust and copies made for more risky members

Easy to do if you are talking only a few hundred million in BPOs, but if you’re talking 100s of billions or even trillions (if you are lucky enough to own a keepstar BPO).

lol eve is great because it works on trust more than security

it has a secondary effect of not being able to hand out roles to recruiters to give new members titles and such.
would you give someone who’s been in your corp a month a role to help new players, which is also gives access to every asset your corp has.

without lockdown, there is no way to prevent anyone with roles from removing everything.

Thank you for the full answer @CCP_Fozzie

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