[March] Blueprint locking in structures


Just a quick info that in addition to all the other changes for the March release, it will now be possible to lock blueprints in corp hangars within Upwell structures and this change is available now on Singularity. I have not fully tested the feature yet, so there are very likely bugs around, but feel free to start playing around with it. Locked blueprints will enter asset safety as locked item at structure destruction and can be unlocked then through a vote.

For this to be possible, we had to refactor the whole corp voting code and blueprint locking code, so it is likely that you might also find bugs there (we fixed several already).

-CCP Habakuk for Team Five 0


I love you and the team!
Thank you!

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Hmm… Would it have been possible to implement this or similar system on top of containers? Currently, if there is container that requires password to unlock items, you can’t use those items for industry jobs. As far as I can see, if one could use these password locked blueprints, but not steal them, then that system would mainly do the same as this corporate vote locked system?

This feature has huge importance, of course, but I still feel the user experience could be better with different implementation for the use case.

Just my random thoughts on the topic.

Really nice, CCP Habakuk! I’m very much looking forward to it!

As a quick addendum, would it be possible to ask for the ability to unlock multiple items with a single vote?

Our programmer, who worked on implementing blueprint locking in structures, has actually a proposal for completely reworking the blueprint locking system, which is in some areas a bit similar to your proposal (but in some areas it goes quite a bit beyond it). Unfortunately this would be a pretty extensive project, so this had to remain on the wish-list for the future.
One major problem with containers is in my opinion, that currently there exists no proper protection against removing a container from a corp hangar (at least not, if you have director access).

I personally would love this, as the current system can be quite annoying with many blueprints, but unfortunately I do not know how much work this would be - and it is pretty sure not possible to sneak this into the March release.


Woudl it be possible to expand the scope of locking so that say a container could be locked into a hanger?

At current one of the main ways to segregate blueprints is to separate them into many containers. (in part because the hangar floor has a hard item cap).

However once there in a container in order to be used the container take role is needed which even if they only have view access of the hangar they can take the container out. It would be really nice if you could find a way to increase functionality here.

If you have no idea what i’m talking about and i’m poorly explaining it i can make a video to show you what i mean.

No worries at all, CCP Habakuk. Really appreciate the ability to lock items in structures, it’s another reason to choose citadels over the old stations!

I personally feel that director should be related to “full access admin”. Thus, I don’t personally see it as a problem if directors have access. After all, the assets are supposed to be “corporation” owned, thus under the management of leadership.

Any case. I hope the developer gets resources to start this rework on blueprints. Do remind your managers that EVE runs from industry. There wouldn’t be any ships for people to fight with without well working industry and blueprint management is realyl important part of it.

In addition, feel free to mention to the same developer that I can offer beers (or alternative drinks) at Fanfest, if she/he is interested to chat about EVE stuff. I would love to offer my thanks for pointing out that blueprint locking could use an upgrade :slight_smile:

Is this still in works?

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