Blueprint lock/unlock voting procedure

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Apologies if a similar thing has been posted before.

I am CEO of my corp, own 100% of the shares.

I proposed a lockdown vote on several blueprints in the corp hangar in a Raitaru, then went to the corp politics/votes window to vote yes on all of them.

Now I find I want some of the blueprints in a different structure, so I try to unlock again, and it tells me it’s still locked in the ‘lockdown vote’ procedure. I want to know if I missed a step.

All the votes are now in ‘closed votes’, no longer in ‘pending’. In ‘Sanctionable actions/Pending’ it says ‘No sanctionable actions pending’, in ‘In effect’ it says nothing, just an empty page. Should they be listed there? It was quite a massive amount of blueprints in total, does it simply take a while to load?

Must I do something as CEO to complete the vote for lockdown and if so, where can I do that?


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You need to go into the corp window stuff and “act on” the result of the votes.

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