Issue with Unlocking Blueprints


Maybe I’m missing something, so please read my description and give me a hint if I’m doing something wrong:

  • I’m the CEO of my Corp.
  • I have more than 5% of the total shares.

There are many (about 100) locked blueprints in a corporation hangar which I want to unlock.

  • I right click each one, ‘Propose Unlock Vote’ each one.
  • I open a vote for 1 day for each.
  • I vote to unlock each one.

Then I wait. It seems the votes don’t close exactly 24 hours after opening them, because they are still listed in the ‘Open Votes’ tab after 24 hours have passed.

After the next downtime, the votes immediately go to the Closed Votes tab, never even appearing in the Pending section of the Sanctionable Actions tab. It shows that 100% of all votes went towards unlocking the blueprints, but I never get the chance to actually unlock them.

I’ve repeated the entire spiel 3 times now. Since madness is repeatedly performing the same action expecting a different outcome, I thought I’d look for help…

Any ideas?

Ciao, Aronis!

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Exactly the same issue

I am unable to unlock “stacked” Blueprints. aside from running each one individually to un-stack them (about 175 BPOs) is there anyway to unlock these blueprints?

basically has to be done individually :frowning:

Hey I have the exact same problem. The BPOs are closed with 100% unlock vote, but they didn’t get unlocked :frowning:
Have you figured out how to unlock your blueprints?

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