How do you "Assemble" blueprints?

So I’m going through the process of locking down our corporations blueprints and I’ve noticed something kind of annoying. I cannot propose lockdowns for blueprints that are packaged. Like this:


The one on the left is “assembled” and the one on the right is “packaged”

The only way I know of to “assemble” a blueprint is to do research on it. Well that’s not a big deal if it’s a short research time that takes less than a minute, but we’re getting into some big blueprints that take quite a while. Is there a way to “assemble” them or lock them down without requiring them to have some research done on them first?


update. I’ve figured out that I can start a research job and end it prematurely to assemble the blueprints but excuse my frustration, I think this is stupid.


It is stupid that you cannot lock pristine BPOS, yes. One would hope that CCP does something about the entire industrial cooperation thing in the Expansion centered around corporations. We shall see.

The issue is that it has the ‘default’ ItemID. It has to have that ID in order to be able to be sold on the market.

All items work this way and only get an individual Id when used. Unfortunately the only way to use a blueprint is to either ‘build’ with it or ‘research’ it.

Just explaining why the issue exists. Don’t see a solution except for CCP to treat Original Blueprint as a unique item requiring unique code to handle it.

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Initiate research, cancel the job? -_-

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yeah that’s what I ended up doing. I figured out an even faster way though. I filled up all my jobslots and then when I double click on the blueprints, they get assembled and put right back because there’s no space for me to start a new job. I can just double click through all of them that way.


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