Corporationvotes and me... why, tho?

I recently had to unlock around 1690 Items in a Corphangar… and i noticed that the Server had a bit of a Hickup while handling the Sanctionable and therefore finished Votes wich lead me to file a Petition and a GM to unlock those Items.

The Questions are:
Why can i not just lock those like inside a Container, just with one Vote for the whole Hangar?

Wouldn´t that kind of locking and unlocking just avoid such Problems and reduce the Votes wich the Server has to deal with drasticly?

The GM who handled that Problem told me that i somehow recreated a Bug other Players before me had already dealt with.
Thatswhy i asume, because of the amount of Votes i created during a Week, that it could probably eliminate that Bug and would make the whole Voting-Process more convenient if we can reduce the Amount ov Votes neccesary in general.

I also know that there are other Problems wich may have to be adressed first, but i also think that the effort to kill that particular Bug is quite small…

What do you think about it?

Stop messing with the votes.


The GM wrote that other Players had the same Problem as i had, wich means that i acidently recreated a Bug that CCP semingly already knew about.

I know its quite hard sometimes to get what i am writing, because i am not a native english speaker but i guess THAT wasn´t quite hard to grasp.

To be honest, i could imagine quite more enjoyable things than klicking 8 times for every single vote and have to repeat it 1690 times… wich sum up to a Process wich needs 13520 Klicks and i am not allowed to automate because of the EULA and i kind of like my Accounts to stay available for me…


For those of us wich arn´t quite familliar with that Process:

  1. R-Klick the Item
  2. Start Lock/unlock Vote
  3. leave default settings (1 Day Runtime) klick next
  4. Start Vote.
  5. open that Vote
  6. vote
  7. if the day is up —> Sancionable Actions Tab --> open that action
  8. aply.

The thing worth Mentioning is that the amount of open Votes within an Corporation is Limited wich makes the whole Thing even more tidious…

Fair enough. No hassle intended, friend.

Just checking the facts.

Ticks box

I am perfectly fine and next time i will work around that issue with Containers and Member Rights but i thought it might would be at least interesting and maybe we could get rid of that particular Bug…

So no hassle here. :wink:

And i edited the Post above yours… for those who may or may not want to know what the Issue with that Mechanic may be and why you need 8 Klicks for each Vote…

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