I think an "I voted pin" would be a nice feature

I ignore if this has been brought out before. But I think some kind of “I voted” pin (or some kind of badge) next to your avatar would be a nice thing to have. In-game and in the forum.

I ignore the abstention percentage in the CMS election, I think this will encourage players to involve a little bit more in the development of Eve and make their voices heard.

This is my first election, but I think Eve is at a crossroads and these elections are very important


“If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it” - Twain

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Better idea: give each account that votes 20k + SP.
Nothing motivates like greed, except perhaps self preservation.

To be honest I ignore that “power” that the CSM has in this game. But we need better and fresh ideas. The Eve numbers don’t seem very motivating right now and the current CSM didn’t do anything to prevent the shittiest latest patches

You need to learn a lot more about CSM.

I feel like I’m on reddit and reading steaming pile of propaganda garbage.

again, you don’t have clue about how CSM work

Give me the option to vote Devs in or out. I’ll start voting.

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