Citadel Access

(Agent 5B) #1

Every time I use a citadel that has public access, they remove the public access and lock all my stuff up. They should be required to give warning and have a timer to lock down access. I have to wait weeks and timer after timer if I want to blast the thing to pieces in anger.

Citadel Access
(Sonya Corvinus) #2

This is a lesson on trusting other people in EVE. Welcome to the game!

If I managed to get back everything I have locked in stations I can’t dock at anymore, I’d be very very space rich…

(Agent 5B) #3

You get your stuff back through asset safety, it’s just annoying that they can be accessible one minute and denied the next. My point is that this is a design by Upwell if you like so in theory if people open and close access that easily it has an overall effect of putting public off using them thus it is a design flaw.

(Scipio Artelius) #4

You must just be a really unlucky.

I’ve never had a Citadel so far change access rights on me, however I primarily use well known freeports (eg. Spectre Azbel in Dital, 0% market hubs, wafflehaus, etc.) that were established from the start as open access for everyone.

(Chocolate Pickle) #5

@Agent_5B, is it possible the citadel has changed owners? The only time I’ve ever lost access to one was when it was sold to another group. I just had a polite chat with them and they put me in their access list.

(Cade Windstalker) #6

Wait until the Citadel replacements of the capturable stations and outposts. All your stuff will be open to asset safety at that point.

Sorry that was meant to be directed at @Sonya_Corvinus… dunno how I screwed up the reply button.

(Salvos Rhoska) #7

Its a bit too immediate/easy for my taste, but since they own the structure, is important for AWOX mechanics, and has strong precedent in EVE, its hard to find ground for argument against it.

Bottomline, store/purchase in player structures you are unaffiliated with at your own peril.

Vulnerability windows/asset safety are a separate matter, and one I expect will eventually become an issue, as they are not conducive to stuff exploding in EVE, which is above all always the most important thing, ever.

(Agent 5B) #8

I would say it has happened to me at least 6 times

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