Citadels need to be more user friendly

I don’t really use citadels here’s the reason why
people can lock you out of them and you lose access to your stuff and clones

building one makes you a war Target which I’m fine with but it still makes me not interested in building one

I don’t get notified if the structure I have stuff in is at War if it’s not mine so if I don’t pay attention I can lose my stuff but I don’t feel like looking at the info for a structure I have stuff in all the time it would be nice if this receive an email if a structure I have my stuff in is at War so I can move my stuff out
also it’d be nice to throw some cheaper Citadel options with limited use for instance like a clone station it’s sole purpose is only to allow you to dock maybe store some stuff and revive and that’s it and set up jump clones a citadel it cost like 300 million or less would be perfect for that purpose alone

I use citadels a lot.

I think they’re really user-friendly, more so than NPC stations. They have all kinds of conveniences like tether and easy delivery between characters that NPC stations don’t have.

But they have risks too.

While you’re right that the are certain risks with citadels that are not present for stations, they’re easily mitigated if you know how citadels work.


I would therefore never store valuable clones in a citadel owned by a group that I do not trust.

However, random citadels are still a perfectly fine place to store jump clones, or simple clones with an implant I don’t mind replacing. Did I get locked out, did the citadel get put into hull timer or did the clone bay get taken out? Lost nothing of value!

Next point, items.

While a citadel owner you don’t trust can indeed lock you out of your stuff, asset safety can get the items out.

Asset safety within the system (to an NPC station) is pretty cheap and fast, so unless you require the items now there is basically no risk in putting your stuff in a citadel with an NPC station in the same system.

And if there is no NPC station in the same system? Same thing applies, but a bit longer and higher fee, up to you if the benefits are worth that risk.


Sure, citadels have plenty of benefits too, which make me use them often:

  • tether (to dock and undock safely and with less of a hassle and strict timing than bookmarks)
  • free repairs (on tether)
  • clone swapping (although I believe NPC stations now finally got that feature too?)
  • easy item delivery to alts in same station
  • clone jump prices (depending on owner)


I too would not use citadels I do not trust for long periods of time with items I do not wish to lose.


  • you trust the owner to defend the citadel
  • you trust the owner to tell you ‘pull out your stuff from citadel X’ in time when it isn’t defended
  • you only put stuff in it for a couple of days while you’re paying attention

If not, just put it in an NPC station instead.

Citadels are useful:

  • for short term,
  • for extra convenience with items you don’t mind losing,
  • when you trust the owners

and when none of these three apply, use an NPC station instead.

I would love to see a cheaper citadel option to replace the functionality of the player-owned starbases, something that can act as a temporary home for a solo player or small group of players.

But it may be hard to find a good balance between something convenient that also does not allow spamming structures everywhere.

Because structure spam has been a major challenge that CCP has had to balance. Structure cores, lack of invulnerability timers if not cored, abandoned structures if fuel runs out, all of these things have been added as countermeasures to the strategy of players to simply place structures everywhere with the motto “more annoying to kill than to place”, which likely would happen with any new small cheap citadel option too.

the developer should add a citadel management skill default without the skill you can manage up to five per Corporation and at level 5 with the skill you would get an additional five and it would take 30 days to get the skill there and there will be Advanced versions for larger numbers similar to the corporation recruitment limit skills
and I think 300 citadels is a reasonable limit for a large group and also to be able to use that many you would have to train skills to take a total of three years to train it won’t necessarily stop the spam but it would slow it down to people really want to dedicate skills to it

That wouldn’t limit citadels, people would just make extra corporations to place new citadels and open them up for the main corporation.

It’s better to have a system where placing, defending and fighting to destroy citadels is balanced and somewhat fun for all parties, without making it too easy for one or the other. The current system is okay, I just wonder how a smaller citadel could fit in.