Citadels - Overpopulation

Please for the love of god restrict somehow the number of Citadels everywhere…

Its an infestation!

In addition, everyone has a safe place and this is limiting the PvP ability to capture and kill with so many options to use for safety.

I have no ideas on this currently, but something needs to be done.


This is a concern we’re hearing and we’ll be bringing it up at the Summit.


With the ‘old’ POS mechanics a system had a maximum number of available structures. This promoted competition for real estate and was a content generator.

I agree with the OP that there should be a limit to the number of citadels anchorable in a system.


Imo make atrahus need an empty moon and fortizar/keepstar need an empty planet


Get rid of asset safety while you’re at it…


Or make asset safety funds paid directly transfer by damage dealt % to those on the killmail.

I like the way you think.

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Just look on and smile while the goon guys do the talking if you don’t want to represent your voters

Only if you want even more people joining the already biggest groups in EVE, which in turn will cause even more issues (lack of content, even more tidi lag fests, overfarming, even more supers and titans, etc.) Asset Safety is not an issue, the mindset of risk-averse people is. Asset Safety gives at least a small incentive not to join an already established, huge group because you know that you do not lose everything you worked (ground/farmed/paid/plexed/missioned/explored/…) for when someone steamrolls you.


What are you talking about?

I can see a balance being useful if done right.
Sadly limiting the numbers of structure also makes bricking regions from having enemy deploy.
Take HEED!

*Most important is reduce numbers of Citadel rigs by at least -20% of them.
*Increase the build price of citadels by +200% for Medium structure & +50% for Large structure.
*Reduce the price of rigs by 50-75% so more groups desire to use citadel rigs as well as pick T2 ones.
*Move Functions to Service modules using More Fuel, Reducing will to own Low power structure more.
-Insurance, Spesific LP Store, Repair, Fitting,
-NPC/Faction Micro Mission
-Pirate Supporter having few NPC Pirates guard on structure. Number Depending on Standing. (Not Strong)

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I still hold fast that spreading out structure makes space more dead.

I hold fast that no structures but the main “Combat Line” should have weapons.
All non “Combat Structure” should have 50km anchor range & no Theather.
Makes the central combat structure more important to be larger.

Why? Central Bustling Space City Like Everyones Fantasy.


I would almost like to see it taken one step further, where X-Large structures are ban in empire space and need a planet, large structures need a planet and medium structures need a moon.


Why is that the PvP crowd is always the ones who complain about other players having safe places to hide in when they are also the same ones who complain about not getting easy gank kills in High Sec?

The problem that they are lazy and do not want to have to work for their kills.

Keep the population of citadels as they are.

Keep the Asset Safety wrap system in place. - They only whine about the Safety Asset Wrap system because they want all of the loot from a destroyed station. Its another attempt by Goonswarm to capture as much property from a citadel destruction as possible so they can sell the items on the market to fuel their take over of Eve Online.

Goonswarm must be cleaned out of the game.


Miner, there is no need for such aggressive words.

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I however do not, there are many examples of abaddoned or undefended structures getting killed all the time.

Go ahead CSM, remove asset safety and see how many will use structures outside of nullsec, there is already those that complain about the player trade stations whom have moved their wares and business back to the npc trade hub stations.

They are doing fine, its everyone else unable to compete with them failing to adapt, primary reason they are in the lead.

I for one however, would like to see yttrbim’s vision of replacing POCO’s with Fortizars using the market hub service instead.

It was a joke.

Keep asset safety but not at 100%, roll dices and drop loot. Safe spaces are so gay.


Spam-a-dels or more commonly known as magic space stations (citadel) should have never had the freedom to be spammed the way they did.

Like Omnathious said, all citadels should be restricted to planets and never more than 2 per planet or one of each size.
Sotiyos and smaller would be restricted to moons with the restriction of no more than 1 engineering citadel and the one moon mining drill citadel.

Go ahead, show us the way.