What is the Purpose of Citadels

There is a lot of discussion about citadels and the timer changes on these forums. I am genuinely curious about why people build these things, especially in high sec. They are affordable, I get that, but what are they FOR? There are so many structures and a lot of them offer their services to anybody who docks there. Even the moon harvesting structures are essentially public - despite much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Is there any objective reason to build one? Or is it truly just a symbolic castle?

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The practical reason is taxes I believe plus a corp can put it exactly where they want it.

It’s a bit of an ego thing too and that’s why emotions are high in those threads as people see stations as extensions of themselves. Pride of ownership and all…

Nearly Every high sec citadel owner I’ve talked to has admitted that their structure doesn’t pay for itself economically- so there’s probably an emotional side to the desire.

But I believe that from a practical standpoint- people may be trying to place these things to make their Eve life easier. Example: system XYZ doesn’t offer ore compression/clone bay, so building a citadel might save them 10 minutes per trip of not having to jump to another system.

Good question though, I’m curious to hear what others say.

Ask CCP Seagull, it was her idea. Oh wait…


They were meant to replace POS that code was old and coding is hard.
Players wished for more modularity and ease of use.

What came were Citadels and following structures they are non -modular HP bricks in space full of garbage timers and asset/tether safety and unlike POSes they aren’t moon bound(most of them).

Basically spammy ■■■■ for game mechanics and health of a game CCP fuckup,that supposed to predate moving to new eden expansion of new space that never happened and never will.

Enjoy it at least you will be able to gamble soon that part is crucial for game well being too.


I have one of those completely uneconomical high-sec ones. A private one. I still had a lot of fuel from when I had a high-sec POS. So I decided to put that to use and try it, just out of curiosity. Without that fuel stack, I probably wouldn’t have done it. It gave me some new stuff to try out (like fighters) and try out the management of it. At the moment I just use it for research and invention for my 3 toons. By doing that, I save a little bit in taxes, but that’s nothing compared to the fuel cost of course. On the other hand : one emerging conduit a day and the thing is payed for. It is unrigged at the moment since those things are ridicoulously priced and I would never get the cost out of it. (privately that is, but if I open it up I have of course some responsibility against my clients, which I don’t want at the moment)

But all in all, I prefer my old POS. Yes it was pain to deploy it all but It was more flexible than having services and rigs. And it could defend itself. Just ridicolous that a trig recon can shoot a structure and it doesn’t destroy them.

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While CCP desperately looked for a mineral sink, they believed it was an incredible sooper dooper intelligent idea to make those with insane amounts of salvage.

In turn we got very overzealous price tags on ship rigs, so we are deterred from fitting our ships properly and making “explorers” insanely rich, while they can no longer put rigs on their ships - lol.

If only someone would have had the idea to make citadel rigs with minerals- oh but wait, I did.

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To be blunt the only reason I have one is the Clone bay, this enables me to switch clones if I want to do something risky. Instead of saying that is 20 hours before I can switch, nah, lets not bother. I also wanted to be an ally in war decs, so needed it for that, you can’t use a POS stiiting in space for that sadly, and of course it can also be my war HQ.

I have actually manned POS’s in the past and really wanted to try out the structure in a fight, but with the widening out of the times I have to defend it the probability is that someone will blap it when I am working or asleep.

It is not an ego thing, nor is there any pride of ownership in it, in fact the clone bay is something that I am beginning to see as a want now rather than a need, so I am close to stripping it and leaving it to die.

As for the indy ones, there is absolutely no point at all to do this, the bonuses are not worthwhile based on the cost and risk. and don’t get me started on rigs. My head is likely to explode on that one. (Thanks guys for making that point…)

An Athanor on a decent 0.5 moon is definitely worth it, but anything else is totally stupid. In the thread about the changes I make the point that this further widening of the vulnerability is going to make more people give up on them in hisec. But CCP will just go blindly on and screw it up basing their game design in hisec on what the edgelords in nullsec want, just like sticking 100m on a war deck, which should be 10m now that you need a war dec HQ.

Good question to ask though and I hope you get more answers from hisec players.

Because it’s big and shiney.

…and looks like a random heap of scrap metal welded together :sweat_smile:

I’ve never even considered using one, since pretty much everything I want everywhere is free.

I could see their uses in places where you wanted a tethered staging area for battles (like maybe in FW if FW wasn’t so broken), or if you were operating in a system with no NPC stations (like WH or even a few high sec systems I’ve seen). There’s presumably some money to be made in things like Perimeter trading stations but that appears to be easier said than done. And the obvious use for moon stations.

Other than that, they seem more trouble and expense than they’re worth. I suppose CCP thinks of them as a success, because so many are launched they must have sunk a lot of resources. Myself I see them more as another feature that people feel they should try out, spend a lot of resources trying them out, and then go “Meh, what a waste” and move on. Like many things in EVE.

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Hey now, no structure shaming! :joy:

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This is kind of a blurry question, and the answers are going to be somewhat speculative.

The amalgamated questions are:

  • What are structures intended to be for?
  • What are structures objectively for?
  • What motivates players to own structures?


As covered by some of the previous posters, structures were intended to be a replacement of the old Player Owned Station/Starbase, the control towers and associated goodies you’d anchor around it, and the outposts/conquerable stations in sov null that were converted to faction fortizars. The hype was that these would be simple to set up. Rigs were intended to be a replacement for outpost upgrades, which is why they are expensive. (However, outposts were limited to one per system and only in systems that you could attain sov.) Structures were also intended to be used as industrial hubs, and safety was high (meaning asset safety, the vulnerability timers, etc) to encourage adoption and use by capsuleers throughout new eden who would otherwise be afraid of losing all their stuff. The new upwell structures competed with outposts (and NPC stations to some degree), which were indestructible. Outposts could change hands and you could lose access, but your stuff would still be there and could potentially be recovered in the future. While I do recall CCP showing us we could tax people using our stations, I do not believe it was a thing they focused on. You can, if you can get people to use your station, possibly make some isk.


Structures are more objectively for war control and moon mining. Both are very binary. You either have an athanor on a moon and can frack it, or you completely can’t. You either have a structure and can wardec, or you don’t. The war vulnerability and war HQ mechanics were not part of the original vision that we were told, but came about as part of a push to establish ‘social corporations’ that were immune to war, like NPC corporations were. You can save money in taxes if you do a lot of industry or the tax in your system is really high, or you can try to open the structure to the public and collect tax that way. The latter doesn’t work well because capsuleers think other capsuleers are a dodgy unreliable bunch and would rather use their own structure.


Like the corporations of yore that were something of a milestone in one’s eve career, owning a structures is such a milestone, and desirable on that merit alone, even if it is not useful. Flying your own flag and having your own presence in space that is uniquely yours is something a player can feel proud of, even if there’s no practical gain (or even a loss). Some people need access to services that are not provided for in certain systems, or access to cloning facilities they can be confident of. Unlike assets, clone bays shut down deny access to the clones stored there, which could have expensive implants. If the clone bay is removed, those clones are destroyed. Furthermore, jobs can be halted or lost, and a structure under attack and offlined does not generate warnings for users in all cases, but will alert the owner, so ownership prevents you from being broadsided by an alert that your stuff is already gone. My opinion is that it’s a lack of trust and the difficulty of overcoming the interaction barrier that coupled with the view of it as an achievement that has so many of them put in space. Offline structures remain in space because it’s difficult to take them down, and a majority of the value of a rigged structure is in the rigs that you can’t recover or resell. (They also can’t drop, which hurts their value in so far as motivating an attacker to decommission the structure.)

Personally, I use structures as a means to establish a presence and interact. I do not make money, but by hanging around for a while and building up a prerequisite trust I do get some people to use mine and save them some isk in fuel costs as opposed to running my own. In turn, I borrow others structures for tasks/services outside my specialty, and pay a small tax instead of a huge fuel expense. I like knowing to whom my money goes, and I am willing to be inconvenienced to some degree and use local services with greater risk/less efficiency.

Announcing yourself in some systems can generate a bit of conflict. Lowsec has some folks who’ll reach out to you if you establish a base. Some might ask to use it, and some might demand isk from you not to destroy it, but whichever one it is, it generates some response, if poking the hornet’s nest is a thing you find interesting.


Which is why there are so many low powered ones sitting there, and my one will be joining them in due course.

Declaring war

The one use I can assure, is the use of raitaru to research stuff.
Place your raitaru in a backwater system, with low cost index and no structure : the cost and time will be much lower than any NPC station, and the cost will be quickly paid back just from the reduction of cost and the little cost index that comes from not having a NPC station in the system.

Why place yours and not rent another ? I tried several time before. However you have no control over what the owner does.

  • he forgets to add fuel : you are screwed
  • he decides to change the taxes : you don’t realize and are screwed.
  • he messes with rights and kicks you out of the structure : you are screwed
  • he gets wardecced : you don’t know until the structures pops and you get yourself a mail. The mail stating that your bpos are locked for 7 days, and then you will need to pay for them.

ALL of those happened to me. One is enough to stop this.
Of course, to add : sometimes you want to move to a system where there is no structure.

Now, considering athanors : they are needed to have a control over the moon fracture. Also to online the processing service when you need to compress. Now I thing this is completely useless, unless you are a big corp. I had two athanors with best roids in HS, rigged, with good % (70% for the best) and I gave them to friends. The isk/h is too low, even with three alts in skiffs and an orca.
Also gives compression in an ice / interesting belts system. But no tax so … welp.

astrahus : it’s fun :smiley:
Well it’s good for the clone facility, so when you want to go null you need a clone facility. The cost is kinda expensive though compared to the cost of usual structures, so using one for yourself is … meh :confused:


First, they should never have allowed keepstars into highsec without allowing dreads and carriers into highsec… which needs to be done. plain and simple.

No. Go away!

Go spam your ■■■■ somewhere else.

For me, this. I just wanted a medium castle to call my own. It doesn’t pay for itself at all. Not even close really.

p.s. If it was destroyed I’d cry a little and move back into the NPC station around the corner.