What will happen, if someone steals another keepstar?

I’ve heard, some of them have turned into really big trading hubs. They are probably owned by some corporations, those corporations have directors, and those directors are… well, human beings. With all goods and bads. And imagine, one of those directors will want to steal a citadel. Just for luls. Or for a ranson. What will then happen?

It’ll be frontpage news again, and i’m sure a lot of those with stuff in there would do exactly what CO2 members are doing: sell the stuff inside, or asset safety it to another citadel or station in the same system.

People like me will laugh :joy:


I joined EVE after reading an article on the Ubiqua Seraph incident, although at the time I joined EVE that story had become ancient history and those involved were no more; it’s like playing WOW after finishing War3 Campaign and Getting utterly cofused by who is Deathwing/Garrosh?

Maybe in the next decade stealing a Keepstar will be the new famous EVE historical event that makes people join EVE.

And that is why I won’t store any assets in Citadels. Hell, I don’t even like buying items that are sold in Citadels.

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At one point one wonders whether it’s good for CCP to be known as the company that lets a player fukk literally thousands of other players and undo the work of many years because of shoddy mechanics.


The game is built around piracy and being the villain. So yes I think CCP is okay with this. :smiley:

First rule of EVE: Don’t trust anyone.


I don’t trust that the advice you just gave me is valid. :emoji:


Or maybe players could take some responsibility for their own asset safety within those mechanics. Plenty of players keep most of their assets out of citadels for this very reason. I doubt that many of CO2s members saw it coming, but it’ll be a wake up call for eve players. Anything you have in your coalition’s citadels is at the mercy of your directors… or at least you have to pay 15% of the cost of it to get it back. You want to play in the big leagues? There’s a risk. You want to keep all your precious stuff safe? There are options for that too.


EVE thrived on that.

And imagine, one of those directors will want to steal a citadel. Just for luls. Or for a ranson. What will then happen?

Sodium arsenite will be produced, lots of. Tears will be produced, lots of. I’ll laugh my ass off, as usual.

Hi Just hope that they never get rid of NPC stations. I dislike citadels and the mechanics around them.


Yes. It made EVE into the wonderful game it is now. No reason to play some shitty WoW in space.

That is not CCP’s fault. That is the fault of those thousands of other players for giving one “player fukk” the powers to do that. They signed up for that possibility.

And honestly, CO2 has a sordid history of internal deceit and strife extending well before they left The Imperium. Like that one guy put in charge of their moongoo while they were in the CFC that managed to skim hundreds of billions off their alliance margin over many years, which should have been found out not even a month in if CO2 were doing any sort of spot-checking.

CCP cannot fix that kind of stupid.

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tl;dr; of what will happen:

  1. you’ll lose access to that citadel
  2. you’ll cry
  3. you’ll yell at CCP for not doing anything
  4. you’ll calm yourself and use a great mechanic that’s called “asset safety”
  5. you’ll then wait a few days and pay a few millions (if not more)
  6. you’ll enjoy the game again.

And if you are a wormholer, at step 4, you’re ■■■■■■. Enjoy.

And I will laugh, as everytime I see this kind of thing happen

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