Require CCP developer input,

Hi Guys,

I am in need of taking a break from Eve online for 7 months due to deployment grrrr. I previously seen the error in the way of other players leaving their assets in citadels and relying on asset safety, the fools!

Is it safe for the next 7 months to leave assets in either NPC Null stations, NPC low or NPC highsec stations? I’ve seen NPC high flip to NPC null too so really need an answer on that aspect too.

I also have plex in my plex vault, will a change be made to make my plex vault vulnerable to theft while I am gone?


Your stuff will always be safe inside an NPC station, in that you will always have access to it.

I guess there is a chance that a HS system could flip due to the invasion, but your stuff would still be safe inside. Getting it out could be tougher, however so far all of these systems were one from HS so as long as the station is clear you should be able to warp to the HS gate.

Plex is always safe in the vault.





Leave your stuff in an NPC station and hope they don’t pull the rug out from under you.


This thread is looking to be a 10/10 for the day. Thanks for the laughs everyone.

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I’m not going to say “RMT your stuff away,” as that would be something that’s very much against the rules. I’m just going to say, hypothetically, that if someone were to find themselves in a situation similar to yours, RMTing their stuff away would be the sole guaranteed method of retaining their investment into the game, since CCP has done a great job of proving to everyone that they can’t be trusted with regard to something like this.

Liquidating everything into PLEX, and keeping it in the PLEX vault, is probably the next safest option.


No to stealing plex out of vaults!

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At the risk of spoiling all the fun being had by the broken brain gang, let me assure you that your stuff will be fine sitting in any NPC station until you get back, Brewlar.


So to be more clear.

As of right now, your stuff is safe in an NPC station. While it is possible CCP will change this with little to no warning, this would be a major change to pull without sufficient warning. Staying on top of upcoming changes would keep you apprised so you could have a trusted friend move your stuff if necessary.

As of right now, plex in the vault is safe. I would have to gather that having some way to steal plex while in the vault would be a sticky situation, given plex is purchased with real $$$$. Having it be stealable/destroyable without it being an in game item seems like it could cause some potential legal ramifications. Of course your account could get hacked IRL, so make sure you have MFA enabled for extra safety.

Oh and @Brewlar_Kuvakei thank you for your service.


To be absolutely safe - move your assets to starter/career agent systems. They have special rules against invasions already implemented.


It might be a good idea to contract your assets to a trusted third party, like @Aiko_Danuja. These people can look after your assets in case there are any game changes. You may even qualify for monthly dividend payments.


Are you sure that would be safe?

It always has been in the past.

I can confirm that I am an asset safety expert.

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I have lots of tobacco ready to move.

I have to say that this is a pretty fair question to ask after what happened with Citadels.

I would start of by suggesting that make sure that you remove all your assets from any system which the Trigs can push into final liminity, because you would really not want to come back and find that all your stuff is in some inaccessible WH that you can never get into or out of. So if you have time before your deployment, do that.


Are the Edencom fortresses now the safest place in New Eden?

I wouldn’t depend on the starter systems - CCP has been talking about a major overhaul to the New Player Experience for over a year. The starter systems could easily change.

Until/unless they come up with a completely new NPE, I don’t think that s going to happen.

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OP needed CCP dev input for a question he could have just googled?

Thera is an interesting choice btw…