Bubbles on CCP Keepstar/Spamming Citadels Rule Violation

(Ciens) #1

Good evening everyone,

I have to report someone who is breaking the official CCP Test Server rules for many weeks now.
The Person of Interest is called Celeru. Many People should know him by now.

Rule 1:

No AoE warp inhibiting modules at the gate and the CCP owned structures (within 500 km).

Screenshots bubbling the CCP Keepstar:

Rule 2: No mass-dropping of items in space (structures, warp bubbles, shuttles, POS modules etc). This can affect server stability and performance.

On my first Screenshot you can see his Line of Citadels. Look from the CCP Keepstar to CA1. Easy to find.

On my second Screenshot I show you my overview of them. So you can see the names easily.
Only the ones in my red boxes are his Citadels. The other ones are not of interest.

In case you wonder, why the Owner is not Celeru himself. Its easy. He changed the ownership to his alts. So nobody finds out its his ^^.

As its friday, i wish everyone a nice weekend :wink:


(Zyoceane) #2


This bubble comes with some titans and super to kill any super cap coming on keepstar and being trap in bubble …

Lost mine in this way, I clear anchored bubble during the “fight”.

Sad to see people trying to get revenge on Sisi instead of Tq.

(Ciens) #3

Just to keep this a little up do date.

He is still doing it daily…

https://imgur.com/a/iWhkikX <- just an example of today…

(Commandant John) #4

And again multiple times today.

(poops mcpooper) #5

https://youtu.be/0ECdNrXt4Zs more evidence of them bubbling on the keepstar

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #6

@CCP_Falcon @CCP_Explorer

(Apo Lamperouge) #7

Celeru is butthurt because we keep killing him

(Celeru) #8


An operation in which sand is surgically removed from the vagina and uterus.

“My girlfriend is getting a sandectomy to remove the sand from her vagina.”

BODYZ breaks the rules everyday and CCP does nothing. Now they take to the forums to cry about people fighting back? Classic.

(poops mcpooper) #9

last I checked only 1 of us in this post is allied with bodyz

(Celeru) #10

Looks like another BODYS violating the rules of the Test Server.

Rule Violation again
(Celeru) #11

Oh, look. Another BODYS…

(Celeru) #13

Using your own alt to defend yourself is priceless. Being named NaCl Extractor is just icing on the cake. :rofl:

(Celeru) #16

So, it’s ok when bodyz does it? I’m confused :dizzy_face: