Citadel Question

Hi there. I’m returning to the game after a 5 yr break.
There’s a LOT of catching up to do.

One thing I can’t find an answer for is this - If I have some stuff in a citadel (in hi-sec) & the owners just decide to deny me docking access, what happens to my stuff?

I’ve read about Asset Safety & how it works if the citadel is destroyed, unanchored or decomissioned but I can’t find an answer to this question.

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All your assets will remain in the Citadel (and out of reach ) for you, until such time as the citadel is destroyed, unanchored or you put the assets in “Asset Safety” manually.

To put assets in “Asset Safety”: Open you assets window (ALT-T) and find the station on the list, right-click it and there should be the option for “Asset Safety”. Keep in mind that this only work for Upwell Structures (including the limited faction ones).


Brilliant, thanks for your help.

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