War in HighSec

(Tyranus Emeritus) #1

if the ceo is not connected and attack the citadel can destroy it?
defending herself?

as this topic is going, I could use the advice of more veteran people

(Duo Roman) #2

The citadel will not defend itself, you have to take control of it. Any director can, and you can assign roles for other members too if needed.

(Tyranus Emeritus) #3

and what happens to the material of the corp that is inside the citadel?

(Duo Roman) #4

It will be delivered to a nearby station.

Edit: See the link below for a detailed explanation:

(gnshadowninja) #5

Contact @Natural_CloneKiller or @Khromius ingame if you wish for your citadel to be protected against attack.

(Manstash McLame) #6

They can’t help against a real opponent…they know it…you should too.

(system) #7

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