Question about raitaru with owner kinda disappeared

So down south a fried built and deployed a raitaru, some time after he went off with his 3 omega accounts and it’s been a month without login.

If for some obscure reason he definitly abandon EVE what will happen to the raitaru and all shared hangars (his hangar is full of stuff) ? we keep refuelling the station but the concern now is the shared stuff and the fact that he’s stationed also in the station

Any advices?

thanks, so that happens if the ceo/director activate the aset safety, but if the owner goes from omega to alpha (I don’tknowif he have automatic payment renewal or not) does the raitaru needs to be transferred to the only omega director in order to save it?

Triggering Asset Safety

The Asset Safety system will be triggered in the following situations:

  • Destruction of the Upwell Structure that the items are located on
  • Unrenting a corporation office on an Upwell structure, both manually and due to missed rental bill payments
  • Manually, by right clicking assets on items in an Upwell Structure and selecting “Move to Asset Safety”, within the asset listing (Alt - T). This can be done independently of docking access to the structure in question.
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If I understand your question, nothing is going to happen to the raitaru just because the ceo is gone. It will continue to operate as is. If you stop fueling it the services will stop running, but nothing will happen to the assets.

It sounds like someone who’s still around has the ability to load fuel. Do you also have the ability to man the guns & manage citadel access rights?

If you are worried, a director in the current corp could create a new corp and the director could transfer the raitaru to the new corp - that way you would have full control. If you do that you have make sure any existing offices are properly setup with the new corp.

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