So... When do my assets get delivered?

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So recently I’ve left a dead alliance and joined a new one. As a mistake on my part I accepted the corp invitation before moving my assets out of the citadel and into an NPC station. Long story short, I activated the asset safety for my assets to be delivered to the citadel related to my corp in system. After waiting the 4days I activated the “Delivery” button for it to be sent to the citadel in system. Expecting it to be there directly… I was wrong. So how long will take for it to be delivered? :slight_smile:

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i thohght asset safety only works from citadel, to npc station?

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No, You can deliver to a NPC and or Citadel (Corp) that’s in system.

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You know nothing, Jon Sno er… yellow parasol.

Was pretty sure that’s how it works too. Asset safety will not deliver anything to a citadel. It will deliver to an NPC station… or outer space, if you’re in a wormhole :slight_smile:

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