What happens to my assets in a citadel if it gets destroyed?

I was wonder what would happen to player items if the owner of the citadel lost control of it or decides to remove it because he doesn’t want to use it any more or if he removes access to the citadel for players? I read that there is some kind of protection, let’s call it, protocol that would put items to npc owned stations. Does it apply all assets or just for the owner of the citadel?

Until the new Abandoned structure state patch comes through, all assets from structures that are destroyed or un-anchored will automatically be placed into Asset Safety. The only exception is if the structure is destroyed or un-anchored in Wormhole space, in which case, they are lost/dropped out into space, ready to be looted.

It applies to all assets owned by anyone in the structure.
All of your assets will be placed into Asset Safety that will be accessible only by you once they come out of Asset Safety at the nearest NPC station.


A couple of additional points:

  • You can manually activate asset safety if you are denied docking permission at a citadel.

  • There is a fee for asset safety. 15% if the goods are moved to a different system. 0.5% if they are moved to a station in the same system.

  • When the Forsaken Fortress release ships in 3 weeks structures will be considered abandoned if they haven’t consumed fuel for 7 days. In the abandoned state there is no asset safety. All contents will have a 50% chance of being destroyed or dropping as loot when the structure is destroyed.

In Empire space, there are NPC stations in most systems so it is relatively easy to store stuff you’re not currently using in a station - only keep stuff required for immediate use in a structure. That way, if you are pulled away from the game for an extended period of time by some unforeseen real life event, you don’t have everything at risk.

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