Neophite Hunting & T2 Capitals

so this is an idea I’ve had for a while.

my idea is this, obviously introduce T2 Capitals into the game.
you could do this through a long winded lore expansion or perhaps some FW stuff, but when it bleeds down into nullsec and individual players, the chance of invention for a T2 Capital BPC should be something like a 0.0000000001% chance, people would still grind for it.
once you have the BPC you still need the neophite (instead of morphite)

for context of this example my idea is that neophite exists as particles within the universe and the chunks which have been found are simply an occurrence of rare circumstance.

to gather neophite you could introduce new modules on structures or perhaps a new smaller structure which basically acts as a harvester, the idea here is to create a demand for fuel and keeping this structure fueled and protected.

gathering the neophite even with multiple structures should easily take 2-5 years.

it will be an epic arms race among players, much like how T2 Research and development was long ago and the idea of battling over a much in demand resource would be a pretty neat twist without it ultimately causing too much havoc for existing game play because even if you don’t have the neophite, you can still use the mins to build other stuff.

thought it was a cool idea to throw out there and to create something for the sov null groups to brawl over some more :slight_smile:

Alright, what do the T2 capitals do?

that’ll be down to CCP. but I would image have to be pretty incredible to be worth it.

my post was more towards creating content using T2 capitals as an example, even if T2 Caps don’t become a thing, the idea of gathering neophite over a long period of time for some kind of research project would be great at creating content and battles as appropriate.

We already have processes for T2 stuff and T2 dreads and making a capital take years to build is the dumbest idea I’ve heard from you in a while.

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