We need an Arms race. It's time for T2 Capitals

T2 capitals require such an immense investment of resources, that each alliance is only able to research, build and deploy (undock) one type of T2 capital at any given time. If your alliance chooses to go down the dreadnaught tech tree, your alliance wont be able to build or undock T2 force auxiliaries or T2 Supers, etc. Each alliance has both it’s own unique arms race and tech tree standings.

Arms race standing determines your alliance’s ability to build, research and deploy T2 capitals.
Arms race standings are gained by: T2 capital component and ship blueprint researching, building T2 capital components and fighting with T2 capitals.
Arms race standings are slowly lost by: T2 ship construction, repairing damage to T2 capitals, not fighting with T2 capitals.

Tech tree standing determines which T2 capital blueprint research and construction you alliance is able to conduct.
An alliance’s ability to gain tech tree points is limited by the number of pilots actively contributing to Tech tree advancement.
As an alliance’s T2 capital component stockpiles and T2 capital ship inventories grow, tech tree points become harder to acquire.

The technology behind T2 Capitals is so complex that non-force auxiliary remote logistics modules and repair drones are not able to meaningfully affect repairs in a combat situation. Force auxiliary remote logistics modules themselves are only effective up to a point. If the armor, or especially the hull, of a T2 capital sustains so much damage that it crosses a critical threshold, the damage becomes permanent. The armor and or hull hit points of the T2 capital are permanently reduced or capped at that critical threshold, until the T2 capital is docked and repaired by qualified station repair personnel.

If a T2 capital sustains especially heavy damage, pilots may need to consume T2 capital ship components to make repairs and restore the ship to its full combat potential.

Lmao what even is this fanfiction?


Unfortunately this will just force 1 big alliance to break into 30 smaller alliances under 1 coalition.

What is your desired outcome for eve with the release of T2 capitals?
Be specific and try imagine what eve will look like in 5 years time if that is released tomorrow.




They said same thing about T1 capitals, back in a day… Leaving us with broken game now. Don’t break it even more just because you want your dick to feel bigger using bigger ship.


T3 capitals. Switch between carrier, dread, and FAX modes on a 10-second cooldown.


And dont forget to make it’s building materials only drop from the C5/C6 drifter in Jspace so nullblocs cant build tons of them, itll be a wormholer thing


I don’t know what you are smoking, but change it. There is enough null krabs dread farming wh’s

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The ability of Alliances to form Coalitions makes the limit on 1 per Alliance redundant and easy to work around.

So in the end, this provides a significant advantage to big Alliances, with significant disadvantages to smaller groups. That in itself isn’t bad, since big groups have just as much right to the game as smaller groups. However, I question why they should gain the advantages that this proposal would give them?


Op should stop having dumb ideas.


Sounds stupid. Capitals are good enough.

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:eyes: not the kind I read gatecamping

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I’d support giving every T1 hull type at least one T2 equivalent, but this is presented as a really stupid idea.

History is laughing at you, the same thing was said of the current crop of capital ships.

Since their initial introduction in 2005 with the Red Moon Rising expansion, most recently in the April 2016 Citadel expansion, all combat related capital ships have received major overhauls to stats, bonuses, and abilities.

Initially, capital ships had very little impact on the events in EVE. Small groups scrambled to be the first to field dreadnought fleets in order to bring down player owned starbases (POSes) which previously only had been possible with large fleets. Carrier fleets were also developed in order to bulk up the damage output of corporations and alliances with many low skilled pilots by remotely assigning fighter drones. In lowsec, groups of pirates found a use for “hot dropping” carriers into ongoing engagements to turn the tide with the properly applied remote repair of a skilled pilot. In this phase of the game evolution, titans and supercarriers (also known as motherships) were regarded as nearly unbuildable, with the first one to officially be created costing the building alliance dozens of POSes, an outpost and their entire presence in nullsec. It took a almost a full year for the first titan to be revealed, and for that entire time - and a few months after - they were regarded as completely useless ships.

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