T2 Standup Fighter Manufacturing

The wife and I have been busy making new T2 standup bits and pieces and when it came time to start inventing/building the new standup fighters we find the list of materials odd. In no other place in the whole of Eve that we are aware of does it take a T2 item to make a T2 item. However if you notice the item required to make a T2 Standup fighter is a T2 Carrier fighter hull plus more bits. Granted we found it odd that you needed the base T1 carrier based fighter to make the T1 standup, but the material cost for that is in line. If you factor in the cost to invent/build the T2 Carrier fighters along with the materials required to then make the T2 structure based fighters something seems WAY off.

Consider the investment in skill to get the same level of performance out of a carrier fighter. The structure fighters require no character skill to use - though I’m sure they benefit from player skill.

Requiring a standard item as part of the bill of material for a specialty item makes perfect economic sense - you’re not simply adding an item, you’re creating an additional link in the value chain.

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they don’t that was the entire point of adding them

I got your mail, and thought I’d respond here on it:

You’re right in that there’s no other place where a T2 item is needed to make a T2 item. However, the standup fighters are a special case. They’re an uprated version of a T2 fighter. Not a different T2 version of a T1 fighter.

In part, this was so that when you had a structure which you’d kitted out with T2 fighters, you didn’t have to go and do them all over again, wasting the T2 fighters you’d already bought.


While the logical reuse of the T2 carrier fighters to make the new structure fighters makes sense for those that had already made the T2 carrier fighters, we just found it odd that under current gameplay nothing else existed where you needed a T2 item to make a T2 item. We really just feel it’s off compared to the rest of Eve. Again build and invention costs being factored into the mix it just seems these fighters are very expensive to develop.

there is also no other example where you make an upgraded version of a T2 item.

polarized ?


But there are a few cases of using T2 items as materials for others; the ones I know are ‘Augmented’ and ‘Excavator’ drones

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Indeed polarized and some of the augmented stuff does in fact take a T2 item to make. I did forget about those. I guess the only argument that stands is the cost to build them seems out of line with the stats of the actual fighters. Will have to see once we complete a couple runs. Thanks for all the input on this guys.

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