How Tech 2 things get built

Short article on How Tech 2 things get built:


Seems like this came right out of the blue. Any particular reason you made and posted this?

Maybe he wanted to share some cool stuff and spread the knowledge?


I write up a variety of things about EVE. Just thought people here might be interested.

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Tech 2 is so complicated, that I had zero interest in pursuing it.

Your article inspired me to actually WANT to learn more. Thank you for creating it.

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LOL reading that ensured I will not become a competitor in the T2 manufacturing process.

It is interesting though.


Great read. Thank you for sharing this!

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A nice concise representation. Most people won’t be mining moons and doing the extensive, time consuming, reactions and alchemy required to materialize the t2 components.

My advice to aspirants is to remove the cost of the majority of the materials by committing to planetary interaction for items in which the PI is half the cost of the item being produced. In this way you can buy the components, use your own PI, and come out on top with profit, as taxes on PI commodities is fairly cheap or even non existent if you manage to install your own poco’s. A reasonable goal for a small or growing industry group.

Figure out what you’d like to build. Find a nice solar system that compliments the mass production of these materials. Build until you’re reasonably rich enough to slap down buy orders for the components you need or even move the step back and purchase the end product of the reactions and also build from there after acquiring component bp’s to save even more.

Then you can choose to challenge the market value of things, or build yourself an army to find a moon and be completely independent in production.

In the end, pvp players thank you for making things cheaper.


A realy nice reading! Thank you !

In fact you can have a decent profit just building t1 modules and buying the rest of stuff

Also, money.

You don’t have to do all that.

Just put some buy orders in Jita, or buy the materials directly from sell orders, and build your Fernite Carbide, Reactors, etc. yourself.
Invention is easy. Just get a BPC and some datacores and invent a T2 copy.

Use the T2 BPC along with your components, and you get a T2 module.

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That was interesting. Cheers.

Nice work.

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