Tech 2 manufacture & PI

Since we need PI to start a Tech 2 run,
Do we have to set buy orders for some PI materials or do we have enough production slots to build enough PI materials for our own production ?


nvm just checked again, what i though was PI is formulas.

I’m not quite sure what your question is, but let’s see if this helps.

Most T2 production needs 3 things:

  • Standard minerals
  • PI Elements (Could be P1-P4 elements, such as Consumer Electronics, etc.)
  • Construction commodities made from moon reactions (eg. Plasma Thrusters, etc.)

That last category might be what you are asking about. These components are built using industry slots and blueprints, but the raw materials (Fullerides, Tungsten Carbide, etc.) are created from reactions using moon goo.

So, I guess the answer is yes, you need to build these. Unless you are buying these commodities from the market, you will need BPs for them and an intermediate production run to create them. These will consume production slots just like any other kind of industry. Whether you have “enough” slots is something that depends on your character.

My business is primarily manufacturing and selling T2 modules and drones.

  • I buy minerals and advanced moon material
  • I harvest PI
  • I manufacture advanced components, T1 and T2

Margins are excellent, particularly for the T2 drones which are mostly PI.

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thanks for your answer,

In fact i though that moon made materials were not made by reactions but by PI… wich would have been it all simpler (sorry for my english)
Wonder if there is a schema about the detailled production plan of a tech 2 ship

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All blueprints have an industry tab that will show you the skills and materials required to build the item. For example:

Research will reduce the material requirements by as much as 10% Advanced Components are made from moon materials.

You can also use @Steve_Ronuken site which adjusts for research and will show the current Jita cost for materials.

Yeap, i know this, i asked before checking in EvE, i usually check my prod during the day before going back home with this tool:

but your tool seems a lot more detailed, each step can be developped. I’ll make my own schemes for my production.
(Just getting started in industry, 2 weeks ago, and only tech 1 yet…)

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