Creating my own spreadsheet for t2 industry

Greetings everyone,
I’ve been asking around in game for a guide or clue to help making a spreadsheet for t2 production.
have been searching for like 3 days already without a single string to pull me closer to what iam looking for.

Is there a guide somewhere describing the whole process from A to Z?

Thank you in advance

The Eve University wiki industry section is about as good as it gets.

You need to decide which links in the value chain you want to participate in - each will improve your margins but will cost you time. It is not realistic to do everything.

Spreadsheets are limited. I built a couple for doctrine ships a few years ago. Start with the hull, weapons, modules, rigs, drones, scripts and ammo. Next layer is the components needed to build these, next layer is the processed materials needed to build the components. Finally you get to the raw materials. For a static bill of materials it works, but when you want to use it for costing you need to include the time dimension - those materials were purchased at different times and for different prices so you need to maintain a moving average. This really needs a proper material management system.

Or you can say, “I’m playing a game and the moving average the Eve industry tool gives me is close enough”. I gave up on spreadsheets a couple of years ago. You develop a feel for what the prices should be and I use to check if something doesn’t look right. As long as my wallet keeps growing, I figure I’m doing something right.

Edit: For T2 & T3 you also need to factor in the invention cost - mostly datacores. For T2 modules this can be a significant percentage of the build cost.

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