T1 Production Spreadsheet


I whant to make some spreadsheet to easy control production but Im total noob in exel etc.
can anyone can give me some examples or sell working tools for isk. looking for nothing complicaded. Just online prices for minerals needed, sell price etc.

Have you checked out EVE Isk per Hour? Good program, updated on the regular…


May be really good when I start t2, t3 production. But right now to much info for me.

Just whant to know how get eve-market api working in exel.

Excel I’m not sure but there’s some good info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/evetech/ on using ESI, etc… You can do some good stuff with Google docs using Fuzzysteve’s templates as a base https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/2017/04/25/google-sheets-updating-menu/

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@MacGregor_Ortis I would suggest that you seriously consider taking a look at EVEIPH now, even if it’s just for your T1 stuff, would give you some experience and build some familiarity with the program that would only help you when you transition into your T2/T3 industry.

There’s a decent tutorial on YouTube for EVEIPH that definitely helped me out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaWDXS1wpnY

Greate tool. but have one problem. When I try to chose facility to manufacture BP’s there no way to chose upwell structures. How to bypas this?

Good question… found this blurb on the GitHub page:

" Strontium-90 commented on Jul 3

Now you can emulate Engineering Complex by setting ME/TE of outpost http://i.imgur.com/OJwt79K.png"

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Great find Shriven. I’ve been curious if there was a workaround but what you found hadn’t occurred to me.

Thanks for posting!

Sorry for that all noob questions but Im just starting and all that informations is like mind blow to me.

Anyway, what is best configuration to look for prices in EVEIPH? I mean min/max per minerals/products. Now all my minerals for industry mine on my own, so looking for best config to see what is bether. Go for industry or sell minerals. My current market is The Forge region (if that mathers).

And really thanks for your help so far :smiley:

In IPH you should download the Min Sell prices unless you intend to put up and maintain Buy orders, in which case Max Buy is better.

For a manufacturing spreadsheet what you are aiming to do is replicate what IPH does, find the current ISK/hour and other rates. When I started constructing my spreadsheet IPH didn’t do what I wanted, display a list of my Blueprints in ISK/hour order. Now it can!

However it’s no great effort to keep the spreadsheet running, so I use IPH for cross checking. If it strongly disagrees with me, most likely I’ve made a typing error. Meanwhile the spreadsheet has found other useful data to download and analyse.
One thing a spreadsheet can do well is stock control. When I’m buying it tells me exactly how much Tritanium I need to avoid annoyingly running out at the factory, and at the other end of the supply chain if there has been a sudden run on Distressed Widgets and I need to produce some more.
A helpful article about IPH:


I am also into manufacturing, but after checking out the market for T1 equipment I decided to skip T1 totally. Not worth the effort.

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Mineral based T1 stuff is pretty bad, sometimes bigger ships with expensive bpos are ok.
Rigs are often decent, basically stuff what the “my minerals are free” crowd cant really build.

Well you doing something wrong, I have a very good profit in t1.

EVE uses SWAGGER now of course and SSO is a right pain to implement in a Spreadsheet. Fortunately there is a good guide for doing this in Excel and hey EVE players aren’t put off by learning curves.

SSO Authentication in Microsoft Power Query

It worked for me, at least I only had to ask the author for help once!