[Service] Dynamic Spreadsheets

WTS Custom spreadsheets: MS Excel sheet or Google Sheet with Market data

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I want to offer my services in the creation and update of all varieties of custom spreadsheets.
I have experience with implementation of market data and making spreadsheets dynamically updating when things are changed.

Type of Spreadsheet:

  • Simple Market (Praisal)
  • Trading
  • Industrial Production
  • Planetary Production
  • and more…


Price depends on how extensive the requested job is and the time it takes to complete, on average the price starts at around 500m ISK and up, of course there is room for negotiation.
Payment is divided over 2 times; first half is payed when the job request is initiated and last half is payed upon delivery.


  • Upwell Structure(s) Production

    • Select the structure you want to build.
    • Adjust the Structure BPC ME, so it match that of your BPC.
    • Adjust the Structure Component ME, so it match that of your BPCs.
    • Write down everything for your memo/shopping list.
  • Market Trading Spreadsheet

    • Profit Margin with compensation for taxes based on character skills and standings.
    • Pick your Sell and Buy TradeHub; Jita, Amarr, Rens, Dodixie or Hek
  • Production Cost vs Market Trade Spreadsheet - :hammer_and_wrench: work in progress

    • Production cost based on market prices, assuming ME:10.
    • Calculated Taxes based on character skill and standings.
    • Pick your Sell and Buy TradeHub; Jita, Amarr, Rens, Dodixie or Hek
    • Profit Margin - conditionally color coded
    • More features to be added…

:grey_exclamation: Note(s)

  • For security reasons above all else, I do not work with ESI, however much I would like to offer this. As ESI requires access to your, or giving access to my own, ClientID and SecretID for your app on https://developers.eveonline.com, which should not be shared with anyone.

If you are interested, please send me an eve mail or find me, Evaldia or Dyexz in the channel: [Services] ALCII Spreadsheet



  • Upwell Structure(s) Production
    • Added picture.
    • Added functionally of choosing Production Station Type, choosing between: NPC Station, Raitaru, Azbel or Sotiyo with or without T1/T2 Rigs.
    • Added funtionally of choosing type of Sec Space. Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec or WH.
    • Updated all formulas to accommodate the above mentioned features.
    • Fixed some errors.


  • Added 3 examples of spreadsheets:
    • Spreadsheet calculating and viewing the cost to produce an Upwell Structure; Astrahus, Fortizar, Keepstar, Raitaru, Azbel, Sotiyo, Athanor or Tatara.
    • Basic spreadsheet for praisal of Ships, Modules and or Item found or produced in New Eden
    • Production Cost vs Market price Spreadsheet

Do you have any sample sheets you could show us?

Forgive my ignorance, but is it not possible for the sheet to pull the client ID and secret ID from cells filled out by the user?

Such sheets would not be useful for multiple users because of the aforementioned security breach, but a user entering it manually for purely personal use should be OK.

No, well maybe, in order to use ESI you have to be using scripts. Any script used by a sheet will be fully visible (if they enter the Script Editor) to the ones with access to the sheet.

Updated the OP with examples.

Still very much looking and open for business, if you have an idea and you think I may be able to help, :incoming_envelope: send an evemail :incoming_envelope:

What does your Industrial Production have?

Depends on what you want/need, can be simple information on what sort of materials you need to produce various items, like my Upwell Structure - Production cost spreadsheet which is under Samples in my OP. Or more advanced if need be, hit me up with your idea of what you want/need and we can talk about it.

Updated my Upwell Structure(s) Production spreadsheet, for more details check here.

Still very much open for business!

This is partially false. You only need such if you’re attempting to use authenticated calls. Such as a character’s personal orders. Getting market prices, market orders (as a whole), etc, you do not.

Great service I can’t recommend enough. +1 :slight_smile:

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This is exactly what I will need it for, making calls to get data on assets, active industry jobs, skills and level etc., sure much of this can be entered manually but wouldn’t you much rather be able to do that by the push of a button, so to speak.

Still offering my services to anyone interested, all you need to do is send an evemail and we take it from there :smile:

Recent activity:

  • 2 Jobs completed (in last week)
  • 1 more still being worked on.

Accepting project proposals; if you have an idea, I’ll gladly take a look at and give an estimated price.

I’ve had a spreadsheet I needed updating. I am very pleased with the swift work Elathy Maricadie was able to do at a very reasonable price.

I recommend this service!

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Still in business :wink:

Looking for a Capital/T2 Production Spreadsheet…anything else you got to offer me?.


I can certainly do a Capital production spreadsheet for you. T2 production spreadsheet is much more complicated and it will take some time. Do you have specific T2’s in mind or are you looking at all of them?

I have few Excel files and wonder how import stuff like prices from Jita. Can you share how to connect those files or where to find any details about it?