[Service] Dynamic Spreadsheets

(Elathy Maricadie) #22

You need to use the ImportXML() function, which needs;

  • Data Source (API), like http://evemarketer.com’s API.
    • SystemID, Jita = 30000142
    • TypeID of the item you want price data for, the minerals have typeIDs of 34 . . 40 (not including Morphite)
      • Tritanium = 34
      • Pyerite = 35
      • Mexallon = 36
      • Isogen = 37
      • Nocxium = 38
      • Zydrine = 39
      • Megacyte = 40
  • parameter for the Sell (min/max), Buy (min/max) or Avg.

You can read about evemarketer’s API here

(Avallah) #23

Thanks a lot. Will update my sheets tomorrow.

(Raven Rotsuda) #24

Looking for a corp buyback spreadsheet. Interested?

(Elathy Maricadie) #25

Sure, if you haven’t done it already. Send an ingame mail with a bit more details :smile:

(Tarbok Dallocort) #26


In-game mail sent.

(SquareBlocks) #27

I would love to use your service - i am currently looking for a industrial/production Excel sheet with also a blueprint Excel sheet - how do i give details on what i am looking for, or do i get the default copy of yours and say what i want changed. Please advice. Thanx

(Elathy Maricadie) #28

I do not have a default sheet (per say) but if I have a similar feature on one of my own spreadsheets I will copy & paste from it, both to same my own time as well as to reduce the time it takes to create a spreadsheet with the features and functionality that is requested by the customer (player).

Usually the interested party, you in this case, give description of what sort of spreadsheet they want and what sort of features/functionality it should have. Using this information I will create (from a blank sheet) a spreadsheet with all the requested features and functionality to the best of my ability.

@SquareBlocks, I apolygize for my late reply I’ve been busy IRL

(Elathy Maricadie) #29

I’ll be taking some time off during the winter holidays, I will return in the new year with renewed energy and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

(Khris P Bacon) #30

@Elathy_Maricadie o7 are you still able to create spreadsheets?

(Elathy Maricadie) #31

@Khris_P_Bacon indeed I am. What do you have in mind? feel free to send me an EVE mail about the project you have in mind. :smile:

(Tyrinath Silverwing) #32

i’ve been sitting in your channel for a while and i would like to discuss a spreadsheet with you

(darkislife zhang) #33

Do you still create spreadsheets?

(Elathy Maricadie) #34

haven’t had many jobs lately but yes I’m still accepting jobs :smile:

(Sinickal) #35

Please make contact in game. Have a project in mind. Thank you