[Service] Dynamic Spreadsheets

(Elathy Maricadie) #22

You need to use the ImportXML() function, which needs;

  • Data Source (API), like http://evemarketer.com’s API.
    • SystemID, Jita = 30000142
    • TypeID of the item you want price data for, the minerals have typeIDs of 34 . . 40 (not including Morphite)
      • Tritanium = 34
      • Pyerite = 35
      • Mexallon = 36
      • Isogen = 37
      • Nocxium = 38
      • Zydrine = 39
      • Megacyte = 40
  • parameter for the Sell (min/max), Buy (min/max) or Avg.

You can read about evemarketer’s API here

(Avallah) #23

Thanks a lot. Will update my sheets tomorrow.

(Raven Rotsuda) #24

Looking for a corp buyback spreadsheet. Interested?

(Elathy Maricadie) #25

Sure, if you haven’t done it already. Send an ingame mail with a bit more details :smile:

(Tarbok Dallocort) #26


In-game mail sent.

(SquareBlocks) #27

I would love to use your service - i am currently looking for a industrial/production Excel sheet with also a blueprint Excel sheet - how do i give details on what i am looking for, or do i get the default copy of yours and say what i want changed. Please advice. Thanx