Anyone got a spreadsheet or tool like this that they could point me towards, i find it hard to track it all with asperges and i make more than i need 90% of the time.

A tool where you can pick what your building, Put what you have already built and it will show whats left to build, And show you the resources needed to build it. So for example

IBuilding a Revelation - Put in what ive built and it shows what components left to build - It then shows the resources needed to build the components so that i can buy them


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Eve works doesnt do this or have i just not worked it out yet? :')

i wantt o be able to mark that ive built something or built an ammount of something.

1st link is to existing 3rd party tools. If you can’t find what you need there, you might have to commission a tool. In which case, you can turn to Eveworks. Don’t know their prices, but if you’re building caps, you can probably afford it.

And, of course, you can always make your own spreadsheet if you want to save a buck.

Coolio TY!

Eve IPH does this. Calc the item, ass to shopping list and then update with your current assets.

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