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Since few people have asked me to make my tool public, I’ve decided to move it to its own domain separated from my corp’s internal website.

Introducing EVE Cookbook, an EVE industry build calculator tool with cookbook style approach :man_cook:


  • list all required materials from any blueprints
  • detailed components breakdown, including each required build steps
  • supports calculation of reaction jobs
  • market price fetch based on both Jita buy price and sell price
  • structure & rig ME bonus, system multiplier, and index cost calculation to determine exact job cost and material reduction
  • supports the build cost calculation for the current blueprints on Tranquility, as well as the new ship blueprints in the upcoming patch (just switch the “Blueprint version” toggle)
  • API endpoint that returns build cost of a blueprint. Detail can be seen on this page: https://evecookbook.com/api/index.html

You can access the tool from the following URL: https://www.evecookbook.com/

More screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Any suggestions are appreciated :pray:

Celengan Babi


For improving the first user experience I would suggest:

  • use default values in the input fields to be able to just select a blueprint and go
  • no matter if component breakdown selected or not, you want the see the final result aka total ISK needed immediately and not having to scroll down for it, it is still a key information
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Thanks for the valuable inputs o7

I just updated the page with both of your suggestions.

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Thanks for sharing a great tool.

I firstly assume the tool considers the new build requirements post patch where faction battleships (amongst others) will require BPCs, adjusted minerals and ADDITIONAL components including gas and reactions.

If I select the “Calculate reaction jobs” option = “On” when calculating the “Orca Blueprint”, “Rattlesnake” etc. costs:

A) It looks like an Orca (excluding BPC costs) will cost ± 2,645B ISK and a Rattlesnake 1.26B after the industry patch.

B) If I don’t select the “Calculate reaction costs” option, the Orca’s estimates price is 2,29B and the Rattlesnake’s price is 529M ISK.

Is it correct to select the “Calculate reactions” = “On” option to see estimated prices based on today’s buy and sell values ( I see yiu get these near realtime APIs) and if so, what are the important assumptions?

I assume this excludes BPC costs?

In addition, some of the new components like “AG-Composite Molecular Condensor” have zero cost and are listed against, for example’ the Rattlesnake. I assume this is because they don’t exist yet and once they are established, they would further impact the prices or are they zero because one does not this this component?

I understand mineral prices are already inflated (at least 10%) and PI, Moon goo + Gas supply might increase but still looks like we have significant margin atm.

I would really appreciateyour view on the above.

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Hi, I’ll try to answer your questions below:
1.) yes, turning on the reaction jobs calculation option would make the build cost estimation to be closer to the actual intrinsic value of the produced item. Without having the option turned on, you will get much lower estimated build cost simply because some components that are needed are not in the market yet. However, the current estimated build cost is based on today’s market rates. Who knows if later after the patch some of those materials will get heavily adjusted in the market.
2.) BPC cost is excluded as there’s no easy way to easily fetch the BPC cost. You can manually enter some number in “Additional cost” field to enter additional costs such as BPC, transport cost, etc which will be incorporated in the final build cost.
3.) they have zero costs because they are not live yet on TQ, so there’s really no way to actually determine their prices.

Sorry for my English, I hope my answer makes sense :smiley:

Thank you.

Your answers are 100% clear!

Thanks again for the hard work you put into a great tool!

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Probably quire a big ask, but as part of the “cookbook” could you toggle a most efficient way to obtain ore based on current market price?

Buy the following compressed ores to achieve XYZ

I would like to suggest the possibility to link to a specific blueprint, something like:

Unfortunately I don’t plan to implement that feature. It’s not something that I am familiar with for now.
But I’d suggest you to look for an existing tool that does that calculation, such as Fuzzwork’s compression calculator @ Compression Calculator - Mineral Selection

Thanks. I just added that feature.
Feel free to try it (e.g. https://www.evecookbook.com/?blueprintTypeId=28849)

Many thanks for sharing this tool. It is very well done. How difficult would it be to add at least the option of finding out if it is cheaper to buy or build each component of an item without having to do it manually? That would make it even more awesome than it is.

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I’ve thought about this but I wasn’t sure if it would look good on the UI as it is cluttered already with so many options.
I will think about how to implement this in the next version (soon), but I wouldn’t make any changes until the upcoming industry patch is live already on Tranquility :smiley:


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The webapp is now powered with API :tada:
Anyone who are interested to utilize the API can have a look at our Swagger documentation @ https://evecookbook.com/api/index.html

I have added evecookbook.com to the jEveAssets lookup menu (from version 6.9.0)

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Your SSH certificate is not valid for https://www.evecookbook.com (note the www) only for https://evecookbook.com

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This tool looks awesome ! Thanks for all sharing it ! Here’s 3 suggestions that I think would make it even more awesome:

  • When we toggle Calculate reaction jobs and Show detailed build steps:
    Would it be possible to toggle off a particular step ?
    I.E I don’t wanna produce some fuel blocks for a reaction because I already have them or because it is not not efficient…
    The div could then collapse and the multi-buy list would be updated accordingly ?

Also, it would be great if the website could tell us if a particular step is profitable or not by showing us how much the mats would cost to build a fuel block and how much it would cost to buy the fuel blocks directly.

Finally but I’m not sure how you can do that but that would be life saving:
Let’s take a Rhea blueprint
At the moment on the website we can read:

Ingredients for 152096 x Carbon Fiber Reaction Formula:

||Hydrogen Fuel Block|3172|4|
||Evaporite Deposits|63348|4|

Those number are accurate in theory but in practice they are not. The problem with those numbers is that, while they are accurate, a JF producer will always end up with inaccuracies at the end of his production. The problem comes from the fact that to produce 152k Carbon Fiber we need 760 runs of the formula so we’re in the ballpark of ~700 hours of prod. To prevent that we need to split the 760 runs into 10 batches of 76 runs. The problem is that it requires more mats to do 10x76 runs than 1x760 runs.
In my craziest dreams we would have a text input where we could enter a number of runs we want i.e 30 and it would gives us the number of mats we need to buy for said number of runs.
so 25 runs of 30 + one run of 10.

What do you think ?

Thanks again for this tool !!

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