Calculating Total Materials Required for Manufacturing

Ladies, Gentlemen, and everyone else,

I want to get into doing some industry work and creating some items for myself from scratch without spending anything (as far as practical - I will of course need to spend money to set up reaction jobs, PI, etc.) but I’m having real trouble coming up with an “ingredient list” for my blueprints.

As an example, I’ll use my current target - a Hobgoblin II.

A surface glance at the BPC shows that I need:

  • 1x Hobgoblin I
  • 1x Morphite
  • 1x Robotics
  • 1x Guidance System
  • 1x Particle Accelerator Unit
  • 1x R.A.M - Robotics

But then I need to calculate the materials required for each item.
Yes, I can indeed go into each individual blueprint and item and go through the lengthy process of writing down and adding up everything to come up with a list of things I need to mine, manufacture and produce, but I wonder if there’s an easier way.

Does anyone know of a handy-dandy tool out there that will do all that for me?

In other words:
Is there a tool that will calculate how to make an item “for free” without using the market rather than having to backtrack through blueprint to blueprint and back again?

Thank you, and I hope I’ve been clear in explaining what I’m looking for.

If you load the blueprint into the Industry window it will show you exactly what you need, what materials and the quantity of each component required.

1 Like | Industry Build Calculator seems at least partly to provide what you are asking. There should be more tools around as well.

Thanks for the replies, chaps.

Naskingar, that link to EvE Cook Book is fantastic. I’d like to see it paired with EvE Online - Industry so I could toggle the individual steps expanded or collapsed to it’s easier to follow, but I’m very happy with that site!

Again, thank you all for your contributions.

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This is basically the worst possible way to do industry.

And yet here I am, trying to play the game my way :slight_smile:


Which is totally fine, and if you really want to do that, knock yourself out. Grab Eve Isk Per Hour, toggle it to Raw Materials, and your calculation problem is more or less solved, except for PI.

For anything except the most basic items, you will immediately run into a few problems that aren’t really soluble within your constraints, though. There are certain materials you will need that you will simply struggle to acquire - some will be difficult to get at all, others will be difficult to get in the quantity necessary for any sustained production.

A BOM to scratch build one 10-run, 2/4 blueprint of hobgoblin IIs will be something like this:

Tritanium - 5,646
Liquid Ozone - 1,400
Heavy Water - 680
Pyerite - 514
Nitrogen Isotopes - 450
Hydrogen Isotopes - 450
Helium Isotopes - 450
Oxygen Isotopes - 450
Mexallon - 222
Isogen - 122
Cadmium - 100
Cobalt - 100
Hydrocarbons - 100
Silicates - 100
Platinum - 100
Technetium - 100
Hafnium - 100
Chromium - 100
Caesium - 100
Vanadium - 100
Mercury - 100
Dysprosium - 100
Oxygen - 88
Strontium Clathrates - 80
Nocxium - 56
Coolant - 36
Enriched Uranium - 16
Mechanical Parts - 16
Robotics - 14
Morphite - 10
Guidance Systems - 10

Note that the enriched uranium, mech parts, robotics, and guidance systems are all P2 and P3 PI products that are not broken down into their constituent parts here, so there’s still quite a bit more to add for a complete BOM. There will also be some intermediate products left over due to minimum batch sizes of, e.g., fuel blocks (for reactions).

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Fantastic. Cheers for that, mate. I’ll look into Isk per Hour!

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