Industry Menu Update

I have been getting into manufacturing recently and I have a suggestion that I think would help all players out, no matter what level of manufacturing you are at. Currently when you open up a blueprint/ or copies of one it brings up the information you need to make it and it gives you an estimated cost and estimated sell price, along with the tax and job cost. It would be nice if there was a section to add the current market prices for items manually that your need rather than just an estimate… for simpler items its not so bad but when you need 10 capital class components and each take 5-10 resources to make it becomes a click fest to get accurate market information. I think adding this option would make things much easier for anyone who is working on industry, and having access to information in game would be very helpful rather than using many different third party programs that do something similar. I’m sure many would use this feature and there are plenty of players that don’t like/wont use outside sources. I for one do not use a million spreadsheets outside of the game. Having this in game to me would be a awesome. There could even be a menu that would let you set the current prices so you wouldn’t have to reenter them for each blueprint you are making. Would you use such a thing? Lets see if we can improve eve industry even more!!!

The problem with “market prices” is there are hundreds of markets in Eve and they all have different prices. In game you can’t see outside the region you are in but 3rd party tools like will give you current Jita pricing.

The game uses a moving average. I don’t believe CCP has ever published the algorithm but it’s probably a standard 30 day moving average with a 3 sigma rule to filter outliers. This has advantages for manufacturing since you are probably using materials from inventory that were purchased some time in the past.

I do understand that, however being able to easily add in an exact value would still be helpful. Like I mentioned I think being able to manually add in the cost per unit numbers, even if they are not market prices would make manufacturing far more accurate… for example if I have a buy order for tritanium that I am filling for 2isk rather than 5isk, being able to enter this value would allow me to easily calculate my profits and remove the need for a spread sheet to calculate them. It also would allow you easily see other items you may be able to make money on. I don’t want them to remove the estimate they give you now, however being able to input exact prices would streamline the whole process of calculating profits and margins

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