Eve blueprint tool

As a noob industrialist i found it hard to know if it was worth producing stuffs from blueprints or if i should stay away from it. So i made a little tool where you can find blueprints, get to know what materials you need to produce the end product and what the end product sells for in specific markets.

I thought i would share it with you guys, who know, perhaps it will help someone else like me that wants to get into industry.



I like it. thanks

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Well done

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Wow you rock man :smiley: N1

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This is a really great tool, and certainly put together well. Thanks!

Will you be making this available via github or similar?

Also, your production time is not showing correctly for those items that take a long time to build - think Cap ships etc, where it takes more than 24 hours…

this is quite excellent.Thank you for sharing.

Aah. Didnt give that area much thought. But thats a good point. I’ll fix that when im back home tomorrow. Thanx for notising


Sure i’ll fix some sort of code sharing in the future. :slight_smile:


Am I stupid or are the ME and TE values not being updated correctly into the calculation? I am using Chrome. Beside that the tool looks very nice! Great Work!

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Amazing work !

If i can give some advices, we havent the price of “x” items produced, only 1 item, even if its a simple multiplication, it would be really cool to have that displayed as well.

I’ll send you some iskies to thank you for your work ! keep it up !


Thanx for the support guys. I´ve updated with some bugfixes where the blueprint information (Cost, Runs, ME and TE) did not save when you swapped between blueprints and an issue where your preferred regions did not save correctly.
Added the sourcecode in the footer for those of you who wanted to download that as well.

/Akh | http://7890.se/eve/

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