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So after a somewhat length absence I have returned back to my roots in Eve. I have been trying to get my head around how much has changed in the last 4 years or so. So I understand that industry has significantly changed. Is there a tool or website that can help me compare the different costs per area for production after the crius changes. i.e. I would like to compare production for high sec NPC vs POS (yeah I know their not called that anymore, humor me), Low sec NPC vs POS, Null NPC vs POS. and also wormholes and SOV null.

I’m trying to decide where to setup shop so to speak, most of my older links don’t work, so any help would be appreciated, as well as any advise.

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Welcome back!

Try fuzzworks. I am sure there are others but this comes to mind.

Good luck!

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Manufacturing, even in highsec was never easier and more profitable since Upwell structures were introduced. Use to calculate, for finding profitable items, and a suitable public structure in a low index system with the right rigs to build your stuff.

With the upcoming patch introducing drop boxes for structures, you will be able to ship your materials via courier contracts, ending the docking right scam, stoping players to accept those contracts today.



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