Manufacturing tool for T1, T2, T3 & structures - BPO material usage and reactions calculation!

I developed a tool to calculate material usage whit a profit calculator for manufacturing in EVE Online.
With this tool is possible to calculate T1, T2, T3, capitals, structures, and modules (all eve online bpo’s & bpc’s). Now you can use only one tool for all production steps.

Website: EVE Online - Industry BluePrint Calculator
Examples: Cerberus production in Perimeter

  • the tool load automatically the solar system cost indices.

  • Once you choose the blueprint you can set Job Runs, Material Efficiency, Station Tax.
    It’s possible to set different structures for component manufacturing and final production.

  • You get a detailed list of what components you must build and what reaction you must due.

  • You can paste your inventory, and the tool removes the materials you have in the inventory. At least you get a detailed shopping list, that you can copy and paste into the EVE Online multibuy.



Feel free to test my tool and please let me know what you think about it, here in the forum.

Aihaken Momaki


How can I trust you there is no virus attached to it?

the tools have a lot of code in them and pretty much CCP can come down on people i would say if they put any kind of malware into the 3rd party tools.

even a new tool someone has to start using it sometime.


The website have no virus in it here the security check of the website:

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Cool I think I’ll get it

Tried scourge javelin ham and it tells material cost 270k, item value 150 isk. 270k loss. Seems it does not consider 1 run yields 5000 missiles not 1.

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It looks good and I’ll be sure to check it out in more detail.

Is it correct that no WH systems are detected when the tool is asking for the system?
However, I do not know if CCP outputs data for the System Cost Index in WH-Space…

Thanks for this bug report!
I fixed this insurance:

I Think in WH-Space the cost index is alvays 0.
But I’m not living in WH-Space so I can not test it.
Anyone can give me some feedback how the cost’s will be calculatet?


I have maked some important update on my BPO Calculator and now it is really powerfull

New Updates
• ADDED modifiable solar system indexes if you select a wormhole

• ADDED Get permalink button

• ADDED openable and closable arrows to see materials!
• ADDED in inventory List!
• ADDED don’t build checkboxes!

• ADDED components to build list
• ADDED reactions to make list

  • ADDED materials to buy list
  • ADDED Inventory List where u can pass theEVE Online inventory to calculate materials out.

Coming soon
• Price calculation for components and reactions
• Save Job button (if you logged in you can save the production job)

Please give me some feedback it is really a cool tool :slight_smile:


  • fixed reaction price calculation bug.
  • add the Get Permalink button.
  • updated tool description

if you find any bugs, please let me know.


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New BPO Changes are updated.

Aihaken Momaki, thank you very much for your efforts. Now i use it.

Can you add dark mode theme on site? I playing at night often.

Thanks this tool is quite useful!

Do you (or anyone else) have any guidance on how to find / enter the system cost index info for a wormhole system? Just not sure how that works. If I hover over a job cost in a WH Raitaru it gives a sys cost index of 97%. SO is that 0.97 for Manufacturing cost index or is it 0.03 ?

Cant select an Azbel as a production location.

I have added dark mode for the site. But on a new BPO search, u must refresh the dark mode, I try to fix this in the next few days.

Hi, for a cost index with 97% you enter 0.97.
0.03 = 3%

Azbel added