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I would like to introduce the REALLY usefull tool for every industry player in EVE. There’s no need to write about common tools, like another market graph, another orders list, another production calculator, etc, we’ve seen it a lot of times. Let’s get to the point.

Recommended original blueprints production report

It uses a lot of coefficients to calculate what type of item it is recommended to produce right now. At the top panel you may choose:

  • Switch use of supply/demand coefficient. It very disappoints, when we produce 1kkk rig, but no one wants to buy it for this price. There’re only 10kk buy orders.
  • Type of production: we assemble from ready parts or produce item from basic resources?
  • Minimum daily trading volume. We won’t produce item, which is bought once per month.
  • Minimum margin percent. We’d like to make some profit, isn’t it?
  • Stock in days. There’s no point to produce overstocked items.

As result we got a short report of items to produce today. Planetary materials and boosters are allways in top for years. At the left pan we may choose products group. With “Choose regions/systems” button we can choose regions/systems, where we’ll buy/sell materials and products. Right click on string to switch to production cost calculator, market graph or market orders list.

Recommended copy blueprints production report

Same as original blueprints report, it shows, what to produce right now. The difference is small, but crucial: it uses current existing contracts to:

  • Add BP copy run cost to materials amount.
  • Only filter BPCs that you can buy right now with contracts.

For example top two strings are “Loki” BPCs, which we can buy at Jita. Each BPC run will cost about 5.7kk. Full item cost will be about 160kk, average Loki price is 244kk, but buyout price is 193kk. So we’ll get minimum 18% margin, if sell product to some buyer guy.

Account link

Okay, it’s very interesting, but what about some personalisation? We may create account and login at main page.

We’ll be able to link ingame characters to our base.

It enables my loveliest function: the oitbid informer. Press the “watch and outbid” informer hyperlink, the informer window will open.

At the top inputbox we enter the minutes count to check your orders. Newly created orders appear once per minute in this list, so be patient. After the order has appeared, we may set it to watch. Click on order string and press the “Watch active order” button. Browser may ask to show push-notifications. If agreed, we’ll get the notifications about outbid orders. It is very usefull, when we use “stairs” trade system.

Telegram informer

But it is not good to keep the browser window opened. So we’ve made the @eve_indus_bot Telegram bot to get notifications by Telegram messanger. Register at bot, using credentials, it will get your linked characters list. By setting orders watch, you’ll recieve outbid notifications via Telegram

You will also recieve the orders closure notifications. Messages are cleaned automatically, so there’s no need to set auto-delete timer.

Well, at last it is time to tell about the common tools. They’ve same as common others, except:

  • There’s systems/regions filter
  • There’s item groups filter

Another one market chart

Another one orders list

Another one production planner

You may also choose systems, where you’ll buy resources and by which type of orders. It also shows materials daily trading volume to plan, how long its boyout will take.

That’s all. Feel free to leave in-forum, or in-site feedback.

website wont work for me. keep saying im not allowed

Same issue. You have no rights for starting a client of this type.

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