[SERVICE] New Manufacturing Report


I built an aggregated report that gives you a breakdown of various Tech II ships and modules with their profitability based on Jita market data.

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Why Use This Report?

Many people build very complex Excel sheets to determine what to build. If you’re lazy like me, this is a good alternative to just getting a sure-fire way of knowing what you can build and either profit from or lose out on. This report is designed to be a pick up and build action.

For Example:

The example screenshot above shows that Guardian’s are profitable on the buy your own component portion of the report. This means, you can invent or buy a BPC of a Guardian with a ME of around 5, buy all the components for that Guardian off the Jita market today, and likely profit around 30 million from the sale if the market holds steady.

In another example, if you decided to ignore the report and built an Eagle buying the components off Jita, you may have a loss around 100 million ISK.


The report will be offered as a personal link to you. It will be refreshed daily.

Report Factors

The report factors in some basic modifiers that do not account for any bonuses your station may have or your character. It’s a baseline estimate that is using a median for the costs

  • Two forms of costs based on ME 1 and ME 10 for the targeted item or ship.
  • Both costs use ME 10 component factors with Tech II modules and ships.
  • Factors both buy components built on Jita and build your own using 10 component factors.
  • ME usage modifier based on 1.0 for NPC stations.
  • Manufacturing facility costs are factored in using a random system tax modifier.
  • TE is not factored in this report anywhere.
  • Implants and other bonuses not factored into costs.

In Closing

If this is interesting to you. I’m selling the report for 100 million ISK a month. The report is automated and will refresh from the link given a few times a day. Contact me in-game at Vile Belief .


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I would have found this to be helpful if it figured out the cost around Me3-Me5 which is where typical T2 ship bpcs will ended up depending on the decryption used. Me1 Isent practical for ships and Me 10 only apply to people who have the T2 bpo. For the rest Me 4 should be a standard calculation.

I like what you did, I can’t use it, but I hope some that need it do. bump for great work.

I can certainly adjust it easy enough. I was just trying to get a middle value for things not tech II as well. So, essentially, instead of it being 12 million for Guardians today with ME 4, it would be around 16 million as the report showing, which would be around ME 5.5.

Closed at polite request by OP.