EVE Manufacturing Weekly Highlights


I made a new report that breaks down some of the Tech II ships and modules by profitability for the week. I wanted to help give insights to the community by sharing some of my picks from the reports findings week-to-week. These picks will be broken down by Ups and Downs in terms of profitability of the Tech II ship.


  • Data was built using Jita buy and sell data.
  • Data was built using ME 3 - ME 5 with an Average()
  • Data pulled every 3 hours or so on a daily basis
  • Data factors in base NPC station manufacturing taxes, but not sales/broker.
  • Data factors in base system index tax for a random system.
  • Data does not factor in invention costs.


The Muninn has seen better days, but it’s actually doing pretty good the past week with recovering to a positive profitability. While it’s not good enough for the Indy pilot, the trader may find it interesting.

The Huginn has made a great comeback this week and is a solid build for profit.

The same is true for the Prowler.

In dramatic fashion, similar it true for the Enyo. Though, the profitability is not really there yet, trade wise, it’s a good boost for the Assault Frigate unless it keeps sloping downward for this coming week.


While the Arazu is still a good build, it’s clearly on the way dooooowwwnnn.

The Confessor, while doing good earlier last week, is not doing too hot this week.

The same is true for Mister Jackdaw.

Then lastly, I should mention the Keres. This is something I built recently and is still profitable for the Indy pilot, but the market is tight and it’s suffering because of all the competition. Likely will see this continue to fall this coming week.



Muninn’s are on fire this week! 30m profit! Go, go, go!

Quick updates on the two big items here. Interesting things happening on the cruiser front with Arazu and Muninn

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