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I come to you bearing new gifts. This week, I’ve decided to just release my work to the community to see how they can best use the data. Attached is a link to a report that gives you an idea of the weekly ships and modules to build or even not build.

Link to Report

EVE Manufacturing Report


If you find this report handy, feel free to donate any amount of ISK to this character, Vile Belief. Supporting with ISK keeps me happy in-game and encouraged to maintain this report for the community if used.



This report is data that is captured from various sources a few times a day. It contains EVE Market data based on Jita buy/sell order metrics to determine whether or not a item or ship is profitable if built buying materials or components off Jita directly. The report is factoring in the base manufacturing bonuses with both ME 3 and ME 5 for the tech II blueprints.

(Note: This report does not include any tech I items or capital BPO’s)

How To Use

You have two main visuals and two main filters at the top. The first visual is the bar chart. This is showing you for the past 7 days broken out by hours of each of those days, the profitability of the item if you were to build it from a BPC/BPO where you BOUGHT the materials/components directly off Jita directly.

For example, Anathema is shown in the screenshot. The average profitability is showing that between ME 3 and ME 5 of a BPC for this ship, I could make around 2M to 3M in profit if I bought all the Tech II components off Jita and built the ship using a ME 5 BPC.

While 2M to 3M may not be enough profit, it does give you an idea of how much profit you may see if you bought all the materials/components and built and sold the item/ship in Jita.

Example of How It Works

  • Lets say a Wolf is selling on Jita for 50 million ISK.
  • You get a Wolf BPC with ME 3 for 1 run.
  • You see that the components needed to build from your BPC are on Jita market
  • The total costs of buying all the components is 40 million ISK
  • The total costs of the manufacturing tax is 1 million ISK
  • The total profit potential is 9 million ISK

The report does all of these calculations for you across ME 3 and ME 9 by giving you an average between both of those ME factors.

Data Frequency

Report will feature the prior week data only. Data is captured a few times at random throughout that week. Updates happen manually from me to the report.


  • 2020-02-28: Fixed a bug where item averages were tied to item group only.
  • 2020-02-29: Added a new metric to display latest refresh date and potential daily profit.
  • 2020-03-01: Replaced data source with Google Sheets to make automation seamless.

what an interesting piece of work

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Thank you!

It’s still a work in progress. Open to feedback!

Interesting, I’ve never come across Tableau software before. I used to use a lot of reporting packages with DBs.

It looks pretty but actually as a manufacturer I’d prefer a well designed spreadsheet. Your dashboard is not very clear and the fullscreen doesn’t scale up the image which is not good for these poor old peepers.

Concept is good though. Lol I immediately looked for the Prospect & Endurance but they weren’t there :frowning:

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What’s not clear about it? It’s showing average profit and average market price per day for the item you selected. Any feedback on how to improve that is great.

Well I’d say first of all it doesn’t scale up so it’s hard to read. Plus half the space is taken up by a static image.

If I was designing this report I’d shrink the image to one corner, at least double the size of the dynamic graphics, provide a link to a spreadsheet/pdf equivalent plus a link to a doc detailing how the data was collected with any caveats that are relevant.

But I’ve only been doing business/engineering reporting for 20 years so what do I know.

Can you post a screenshot of your screen with the report scaled up? It’s set to a static resolution, but I can make it dynamic.

I made it a bit bigger, let me know how that looks.

Here’s the new layout.

The report had a bug where the filter was showing averages for the group, not the selected item. I have fixed this and republished the report. Now when you select a item from the drop down, it shows you the correct profit averages for that item, not the entire group.

no drake??? wtf

Sorry, mostly only Tech II being Tech I is so over saturated and hard to profit from. That’s mostly because people mine their own minerals and set their own price in high-sec on the finished items.

It’s better, but still a lot of wasted space in my view.

I think this is really neat and the presentation is cool, but do realize that for a lot of EVE players (especially those in manufacturing,) ‘efficiency’ is far more important than ‘presentation’ for displaying information like this.

This is, after all, Spreadsheet Simulator 2020.

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That’s sort of the reason I made this. I’m tired of being buried in Excel. It’s a quick and easy way to profit without Excel or having to do so much work before you can play the game.


  • 2020-02-29: Added a new metric to display latest refresh date and potential daily profit.

Working on some micro-versions for highlight reels.

Updated the scripts to use Google Sheets for the data source. Beforehand, it was just CSV’s I was manually refreshing in Tableau. Now, hopefully, Tableau will refresh the data as you load the tool directly from Google Sheets. Then I can just ensure that Google Sheets is automated daily.

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